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MKR: Roula’s family secret

She's going to be a mum!

While Roula’s rather fiery on-screen nature has caused shockwaves across Australia, behind the scenes she’s been busy preparing for a special year ahead.

The 34-year-old tells New Idea that her boyfriend of two years, Michael, is dad to a little boy named Charlie, and they’re making plans for the new family to live under the one roof in 2018.

‘My boyfriend has been away in Mildura for a year. He’s got a son over there so he’s been away with his son for a year,’ she tells New Idea. ‘He came back on the 20th of January for good – but it’s been very interesting having a long-distance relationship for a year, we only see each other every three weeks. But he’s oficially back and I’m excited.

‘He’s a builder and he just wants to build a home here for his son to come and move into and myself.’

Roula says she’s also hoping for another big reason to celebrate this year – a proposal! ‘We’re hopefully getting engaged this year – hopefully!’ she tells New Idea. ‘I’m hoping! I did hear a little rumour!’


For the full story see this weeks issue of New Idea – out now!

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