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MKR: Roula and Rachael lash out

The controversial stars cause more drama.
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To say Melbourne friends Roula and Rachael have ruffled feathers this season on the hit cooking show would be an understatement.

One of the most controversial MKR teams of all time left viewers thinking the drama couldn’t get any worse than during the Instant Restaurants.

However, New Idea can reveal Roula and Rachael have moved on from stirring the pot in Group 1 to taking on the Group 2 teams, and even third judge Colin Fassnidge!

‘Bring it on,’ Roula says during New Idea’s exclusive shoot with the pair. ‘Attitude, personality, rivalry, drama, I don’t regret any of it.’

As well as going head-to-head with Group 2 sisters Georgie and Alicia, and the Russian pair Olga and Valeria, this week the 34-year-old and 21-year-old are setting their sights on Colin.

While the fiery Irish judge is sharing some of his thoughts and expertise with the group during a challenge, Roula doesn’t hide the fact that she strongly disagrees with Colin.

Channel 7 Roula Rachael
(Credit: Channel 7)

‘Am I really ******* hearing this,’ Roula says, outraged. ‘That is absolute ********!’

But unfortunately for Roula, she’s picked the wrong target this time, and Colin fires back saying: ‘I can hear you.’

Despite their slew of stoushes with contestants and judges, the outspoken pair remain adamant they are not the bad guys. ‘I’m quite surprised that we’re classified as villains on this show,’ Rachael says. ‘I think we’re just very strong and opinionated. [But] I don’t regret anything.’

roula and rachael

In fact, the ladies say they’ve struggled with being bullied themselves in the past.

‘I was bullied in primary school, but it was more racism bullying,’ Roula, who is of Syrian and Lebanese descent, reveals.

‘My primary school was pretty much all Australian, blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin.

‘I got bullied for the different coloured skin and the darker hair, but then once I got to high school I didn’t allow that to happen anymore and I felt a lot more confident in myself.’

For the full story, and your access all areas to My Kitchen Rules, see this weeks issue of New Idea – out now! 

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