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After 12 years, Alvin Quah has returned to MasterChef to highlight Malaysian Cuisine

Can he take home the win this time?
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He’s still one of Australia’s most loved personalities to come out of MasterChef Australia, and Alvin Quah is best known for his animated, witty and approachable demeanour.

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On a mission to raise more awareness for Malaysian Cuisine, Alvin is back for another round in the famed kitchen – this time as a seasoned favourite.

Born in Kuala Lumpur with Chinese Malaysian Heritage, Alvin has been passionate about his culture’s food ever since he was young.

It’s that very fascination that still fuels his ultimate food dream to make Malaysian cuisine as renowned as is Chinese or Thai.

masterchef alvin
Alvin first appeared on the 2010 season of MasterChef. (Credit: Ten)

During his first time on MasterChef, Alvin created a variety of dishes that the judges loved, such as his Drunken Chicken with Bruised Salad and his Greed Caramelised Pork Belly with Chilli Vinegar and Saffron Rice.

After finishing as a finalist and favourite in 2010, Alvin became the ambassador for Asian food giant Ayam, working with them to develop recipes and spread the word about Asian cuisine.

He has also worked as an Ambassador for Blanco Kitchen Appliances and on campaigns such as ‘Malaysian Kitchen’, Chinese New Year festivities and at prestigious food events like Good Food Show both in Australia and internationally.

Alvin has also contributed regularly to Citysearch’s Alvin Bites, Cravings and MasterChef’s Food Hub, and has entertained in Mai-Wel’s Celebrity Comedy Debate in 2012.

masterchef alvin
He’s back and ready to highlight Malaysian Cuisine. (Credit: Ten)

12 years on from his original MasterChef stint, Alvin is back in the kitchen and in front of the judges for a second shot at the title.

Armed with the confidence that he has what it takes to win this time around, Alvin credits his mum with helping him develop a complex understanding of flavour profiles.

It sparked a love for cooking that still stands strong today, and fans will have the chance to watch Alvin in action all over again.

Cheering him on from the sidelines will of course be his partner Mark and their schnauzer, Remy, all the way from their Sydney home.

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