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MAFS’ Tahnee sheds new light on breakup from Ollie

"Sometimes love just doesn't work."
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The golden couple of Married At First Sight season 10 announced their shock split after 16 months together on December 13, 2023.

Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skeleton confirmed the news in separate statements released to their social media accounts.

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In an exclusive interview with the Daily Telegraph, Tahnee and Ollie shared that they had broken up over recent weeks after giving their relationship its best shot.

“Sometimes love just doesn’t work,” Tahnee told the Daily Telegraph.

“Ollie is a great guy, we really gave it a shot and I wish him nothing but happiness. Unfortunately, our love story didn’t have the happy ending we were both hoping for. I’m really thankful for what these last 16 months have taught me.”

A month later, Tahnee hinted in an episode of her podcast Chuffed that Ollie had “done something” to her that left her racing to her mum for some emotional support, but didn’t elaborate on how his actions had undeniably hurt her, or when this took place.

They made a great couple. (Credit: Instagram)

When the news of their break up was first shared, Tahnee revealed that their lives had taken them in different directions and that they had decided to part ways. 

“From meeting as strangers who got ‘married’, to genuinely finding love, I’m pretty proud of the time we’ve shared. Our journey together has been such a roller coaster but sometimes relationships just don’t work out – no matter how much you want them to – and that’s okay,” she wrote.

Ollie also released a statement to Instagram sharing the news of the split. 

“Hello, Tahnee and I have split up. It’s sad, but it’s okay,” he wrote. “What a ride! A journey filled with love, laughter, challenges, and in the last month, reflection. I think we tried really hard to make it work.

“I kinda have this pipe dream of us being like Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld post-breakup, a very hard thing to do obviously, but the sentiment at its core is that I plan to try to be someone who champions Tahnee and can be there for her as a friend.”

The duo still hope to remain friends. (Credit: Instagram)

Back in February 2023, Tahnee and Ollie told New Idea in an exclusive interview that babies were on their mind…

“It’s definitely something we see in the future,” the duo told New Idea. “We love kids … they are so cute!”

Although the pair weren’t sending out any gender reveal party invites, they admitted at the time that they’d already discussed baby names. 

“I’d love to have something unique,” admits Tahnee, while Ollie, says ‘Bobby’ is a clear frontrunner for him if they have a son, as it goes well with his surname, Skelton.

“Bobby Skelton. There’s something to it,” he said.

Until Baby Skelton was to make their appearance, the cute couple were just enjoying their new life together.

mafs ollie tahnee
Tahnee and Ollie had already picked baby names. (Credit: Nine)

“We love our trajectory, and are riding that,” they gushed. “The peaks and the troughs.”

Hinting to us that relocating to Ollie’s hometown of Perth might be in their not-so-distant future, the couple were spotted moving out of their love nest in Sydney’s Bondi Beach on February 19 that same year.

As MAFS buddy Josh gave them a hand, Ollie could be seen looking at Tahnee lovingly as she ran a watchful eye over the moving process.

“I’ve never been set on a certain place,” says NSW-based Tahnee. “[I’m] totally open to moving for love.”

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