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Married At First Sight’s shock spoilers revealed!

It’s a MAFS first and it’ll happen very soon…
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During Married at First Sight’s 10-season run, there have been countless times where the show’s experts have earned the wrath of fans for not intervening when a couple they matched is going pear-shaped, or for idly sitting by as one participant appears to string their spouse along.

But it seems John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla might have finally listened to the feedback. New Idea is told that in an experiment first, the trio send one bride home – even though she and her groom both write ‘stay’!

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While we can’t name the bride (we’ll give you a hint… she’s one of the blondes!), according to our insider, the historic twist takes place early on, possibly during the first commitment ceremony.

“Pretty much the groom was still on-again, off-again with his ex-girlfriend in the lead-up to MAFS,” claims the insider. “He went on the show trying to make her jealous.”

“He didn’t warm to his bride from the word go. I don’t know why – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her. She’s pretty and very lovely.”

melissa alyssa janelle
Spoiler alert! One blonde MAFS bride will be sent home by the experts, according to our insider. (Credit: Nine)

“At the commitment ceremony, they both wrote ‘stay’. She had done so because she really wanted the experts to help them get past their early problems.”

Whether or not the groom being in touch with his ex makes the final cut, our source explains: “He showed no remorse or accountability for his actions, which shocked everyone.”

“John decided they need to do something they’ve never done before and allow the bride the chance to change her mind and leave there and then.

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“It wasn’t easy for her. She wanted the marriage to work but she didn’t want to be in that position for any longer, so she took John’s offer and left.

“She is a lovely person. It’s devastating that she didn’t even get a chance at love.”

Fans will no doubt be pleased that action is finally being taken. Yet, it might be a case of too little too late, as some viewers are still demanding that producers overhaul the experts. In fact, one fan suggested 2019 success story Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant should take a spot on the couch!

“I wish John would leave; his manner annoys me. They should change the entire panel. They should contract a successful couple as part of that,” said the fan. “Cam and Jules would be very watchable and credible, in my opinion.”

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