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MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Domenica & Jack’s shock engagement!

An exciting future is on the cards for the lovebirds.
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Despite the drama surrounding them, Domenica and Jack are shaping up to be one of Married at First Sight’s most successful couples – with a very bright future ahead!

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This week, viewers get to see a romantic side of Dom, who surprises Jack with a gesture that makes him weep!

“I was so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, and might have shed a little happy tear,” laughs Jack, who is cautious of giving too much away ahead of the special episode.

As for the experiment, 28-year-old Dom says she’s enjoying the process, although there’s been some confronting moments.

mafs domenica jack
Getting serious! Dom and Jack are set to go the distance. (Credit: New Idea)

“The first few weeks were really intense … [but] I really do believe that by pushing us out of our comfort zones, we were able to come out of it stronger! No pressure, no diamonds!”

Speaking of diamonds, it seems the pair have high hopes of taking their love outside the confines of the experiment.

“We definitely spoke about the possibility of an engagement,” dishes Dom.

“We really didn’t want to put any form of pressure on having to feel any kind of way about each other. We wanted a relationship to progress in the experiment as best we could without outside pressure,” she reveals, insisting it’s a case of “never say never” when it comes to walking down the aisle again.

mafs domenica jack
The experiment has been “intense” but well worth it, say the lovebirds. (Credit: New Idea)

As for Jack, 26, he reveals a real-life wedding is very much on the cards.

“We definitely discussed how marriage would come [about] in the real world,” he says.

While both admit it was hard to think about the future in the experiment, the prospect of becoming parents and starting a family one day is something Dom and Jack look forward to.

“Dom is such a caring person. I can see her giving up everything for her children,” gushes Jack. “So I guess you could say, yes, we would make pretty good parents!”

mafs domenica jack
‘I was so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.’ (Credit: New Idea)

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