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Ex-MAFS star Bryce Ruthven defends Olivia Frazer amid nude photo backlash

"I had everyone attacking myself over a forced producer act that led to some of the worst acting seen on TV."
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Bryce Ruthven knows all too well the power of the so-called “villain edit” on Married At First Sight, so it was no surprise when he came rushing to the defence of Olivia Frazer during last night’s epic nude photo scandal.
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Olivia came under fire from hordes of MAFS fans for spreading around her rival Domenica Calarco’s OnlyFans photo, which led to most of the group turning on a blindsided Dom.

But Bryce, who rose to infamy on the 2021 season, has argued that drama-hungry producers were the catalyst for the entire scandal.

Olivia copped backlash over the OnlyFans photo scandal. (Credit: Nine)

While watching Wednesday night’s dinner party at home, Bryce took to Instagram to say: “I seem to recall going to a particular dinner party where I had everyone attacking myself over a forced producer act that led to some of the worst acting seen on TV.

“According to expert John [Aiken].. acceptable behaviour in 2021. Not acceptable in 2022. Go figure?! All tonight’s show is missing is Dion’s edited voiceover again.”

Bryce’s claims came after the explosive episode aired, which saw Olivia telling Tamara: “When someone smashes a wine glass in your face, you Google them,” referencing last week’s glass-smashing incident.

The nude photo, which was circulated among most of the group, was then brought up during dinner by Cody Bromley, who announced to Domenica: “We’ve all seen an image of you pretty much naked on a couch.”

Bryce came to Olivia’s defence amid the backlash. (Credit: Instagram)

Jack Millar tried to shut the gossip down by telling the group that Domenica had told him about her OnlyFans account, and he wasn’t bothered by it.

“I’m aware — I don’t really care,” Jack said. “Who cares. I’ve been aware of this from week one or two. I think what’s more concerning is how is it circulating?”

Tamara then took aim at Domenica, saying: “If you decide to put something like that out there, you have to own it.

“You have to deal with the repercussions and these are the repercussions — people are gonna talk about it and show each other those kinds of photos, it’s what happens in the real world.”

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Domenica stood up for herself and said she took issue with the fact that Olivia had tried to dig up dirt on her following their argument at the couples’ retreat.

“And I told Jack from day one. But that’s not the issue — the issue I’ve got here is I don’t know how you thought that was any of your business to spread that around. If people wanted to Google me, they could Google me. But you clearly sent that — and that’s gossip,” she said.

But Olivia’s passive aggression continued, and she denied shaming Domenica for her OnlyFans account.

“I just mentioned it. It didn’t come with any malice or judgment or anything. No judgment girl, it’s 2021, you can do what you want with your body,” she snapped.

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