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EXCLUSIVE: Lyndall wants to do Married At First Sight again

Fingers crossed she gets a better match in 2024…
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Look up ‘glutton for punishment’ in the dictionary and you’ll likely find a picture of Married At First Sight bride Lyndall. Why you ask?

Well, despite being put through the ringer during her disastrous marriage to Cameron, Lyndall tells us she’s raring to return to the experiment!

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“I absolutely would [come back],” Lyndall, 27, confirms. “I’m still impossibly single, so somebody help! Hopefully the experts do a little bit of a better job next time!”

It wouldn’t be the first time MAFS producers have given a participant a second chance at finding love. After 2019 bride Elizabeth Sobinoff’s first groom Sam Ball cheated on her, she returned the following year to wed Sebastian Guilhaus. Infinitely better matched, they continued their relationship post-finale.

“While it didn’t work out romantically for me, I still had the most incredible experience,” Lyndall says. “I got to go to new places, to meet the most incredible people and I’ve come out of it with lifelong friends.

“There were some really painful times, but I’ve come out of it going, ‘God, I’m cool! I’m so resilient. I can do that!’”

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“I would also do The Block, LEGO Masters or Survivor.”

Post-filming, Lyndall reportedly had flings with grooms Josh and Hugo. But she tells us it was hardly the stuff of romance novels.

When we ask if she’d date single dad Josh, Lyndall says, after a pause, “No, I don’t think so.”

“Josh is so lovely and so supportive. He’s going to find someone incredible who is going to give him the relationship he deserves, but I don’t think that person will be me.”

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Given the way things went down at their final vows, and again at the last dinner party, it’s understandable that Lyndall has no plans to maintain contact with Cam. Harrison, Dan, Adam and Shannon also won’t be making her Christmas card list.

“It’s mostly those people who had done the wrong thing,” she says when asked who she won’t be keeping in touch with.

“They can grow and they can have a redemption arc but, you don’t always have to forgive people and invite them back into your life if they’ve hurt you.”

As for what’s next, Lyndall is getting used to her real life again. She’s back at home, back at her normal job, hanging with friends and “playing lots of hockey”.

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Having touched many viewers by sharing her story of living with cystic fibrosis (CF), Lyndall adds that her health is incredible.

“I was at the pub on Friday and this lovely, lovely woman came over to me and said, ‘You’re amazing, thank you so much. I lost my best friend with CF when I was 16. It was so hard, and it’s so cool to see you and how you hold yourself and all of that [while] bringing awareness to it.’”

“Stuff like that makes every little bit of it worth it, you know?”

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