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Love Island scandal: Is this the most disgusting moment ever screened on tv?

Viewers are left shocked!

On Tuesday night’s episode of Love Island Australia, Grant Crapp and ex-partner Cassidy McGill made up following a tense and uncomfortable re-coupling ceremony which saw Tayla Damir steal the electrician from Cassidy. 

Now, the ex-partners have been forced to get up close and personal on Wednesday night’s episode. 

In Wednesday night’s episode, Grant can be seen writhing in pain as Tayla, Cassidy and fellow female cast mates wax his buttocks. 

‘Oh f**k!,’ Grant screamed, with four wax strips being applied to his derriere.

‘Oh my gosh that’s so f**king hairy Grant,’ one of the girls says. 

In the clip, Cassidy can be seen leaning over Grant who lays down on a towel, and films the whole thing.

Love Island Australia is only in it’s first week, and the dating show has already ruffled some feathers. 

The controversial reality show sees singles paired together in the hopes of finding love. 

Recently, eliminated contestant Kim Hartnett has revealed that the show’s X-rated moments don’t make it to our TV screens. 

Hartnett said contestants were ‘100 percent’ having sex inside the house. 

She told, ‘It’s pretty obvious for the audience to know which ones are doing it.

While she abstained from getting intimate with Josh in their bed, Kim revealed there was one unnamed couple who were very vocal about their sexual exploits.

‘I think the first night they did it they full-on had an audience, everyone was sitting up and watching them,’ Kim told the publication.

‘Then it just got to the point where you were used to it. It was kind of like a bedtime lullaby, if they didn’t do it you’d be like, ‘what’s going on?’’

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