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Which of the Love Island Australia season 4 couples are still together?

The answer may surprise you
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As we have reached the end of Love Island Australia, season four, fans have one question and one question only: which couples are still going strong outside the Villa?

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And this year, the question is even more loaded thanks to the fact filming wrapped months ago, leaving even more questions. Which couples stayed together? Which split in the following months? Are any still together? 

Love Island doesn’t quite have the best track record for happy ever after stories (apart from a rare few), but we’re hoping this season has some luck!

Claudia and Austen
Claudia and Austen (Credit: Nine)

Claudia and Austen 

Claudia and Austen were undeniably one of the strongest couples of the season, with fans and fellow contestants alike, wishing the best for the pair.

And before the couple won the season, fans had a sneaking suspicion that the pair were still dating, especially after a source revealed to the So Dramatic! Podcast that they spotted the pair on a date outside the Villa. 

And now, Claudia and Austen have confirmed they’re still going strong, months after filming wrapped.

“We are officially boyfriend and girlfriend now, still together and still in love,” Austen shared with us. 

“It’s been really good, better on the outside than in the Villa,” added Claudia. 

Phoebe and Mitch
Phoebe and Mitch (Credit: Nine)

Phoebe and Mitch 

Mitch Eliot and Phoebe Spiller are one of the strongest couples on Love Island Australia this season, which may come as a surprise since the pair have had their fair share of ups and downs during their time in the Villa. 

Despite their rollercoaster relationship, the couple are still going strong since making the final three in the Villa..

Since the finale wrapped up, fans were curious if Mitch and Phoebe were still together outside the reality show. Especially since the season was pre-recorded earlier this year.

And now, Phoebe and Mitch confirmed to New Idea that they’re still together and closer than ever! 

“We haven’t left each other’s side!” explained Phoebe, before revealing the couple were planning on moving in with each other. 

“We’re basically already living together, and the next step is to actually move in together as we are both paying rent right now, which is silly because we only really stay at mine,” she continued. 

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Callum and Madeline
Callum and Madeline (Credit: Nine)

Callum and Madeline

Callum and Madeline were the dark horses of the season, with fans surprised they made it to the top three. Although they do appear smitten in the early stages of their relationship, we’re interested to see if they can make their relationship work outside the Villa!

And now, Callum and Madeline have spoken exclusively to New Idea about where their relationship stands, explaining that they were keeping it “casual,” visiting each other a few times since filming wrapped.

Al and Jess
Al and Jess (Credit: Nine)

Al and Jess 

Fans were surprised when Al and Jess left the Villa the night before the finale and despite their strong relationship throughout the season – it just wasn’t meant to be. 

“Jess and I are just friends at the moment. We are both on really really good terms and we speak almost every day but unfortunately, yeah, we are just friends,” Al explained to New Idea.

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