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EXCLUSIVE: Who Jess didn’t expect to be in the Love Island finale

And her future with Al?
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The final week of Love Island started with a bang after Al and Jess left the Villa. Despite fans thinking they would enter the finale, the top three couples are now Claudia and Austen, Mitch and Phoebe and the brand new pair of Callum and Mads. 

As we gear up for the finale, we chatted to Jess about her time in the Villa, where she revealed who she thinks will win and where her relationship with Al currently stands! 

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How did you feel about being dumped from the villa? Were you expecting it?

No, I felt good leaving. I think, I honestly didn’t expect to come so far going on, let alone going on and leaving in the last week, so I was very content.

“I felt good leaving. I think, I honestly didn’t expect to come so far going on” (Credit: Nine)

If you had the chance, would you still make all the same decisions? Or was there anything you wish you could have done differently?

No, I have no regrets. Every decision I made I would have made again.

What was your love Island highlight during your time in the villa?

I would say the challenges. I reckon the challenges are the best part because we all got to do stuff that we wouldn’t usually do as a group. So yeah, that was really fun.

WATCH: Al Perkins Love Island

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And is this the end of reality TV for you? Or would you do it again? 

I think I would probably have to give myself a little bit of time before I did it again. But I don’t know. It probably depends on what stage of my life I will be at. But yeah, if I was asked [to return], I’d say yes.

And the million-dollar question. Who do you think will win tomorrow night?

Austen and Claudia – I think they’re very beautiful together. They are just as genuine and like everything you see [on the show]. They’re so affectionate, and always together, they’re very sweet and cute.

Jess thinks Austen and Claudia will win. (Credit: Nine)

Were there any couples in the top three that you weren’t expecting to be there?

Oh, I think everyone in the top three does have a connection. But, I was definitely surprised by how Callum and Mads were in the top three. Only because, the other couples have been in the Villa longer than them.

And how did you feel being an OG in the villa? Do you think it’s an advantage being an OG? Or would you have preferred to be a bombshell?

I did like being there from the start. Because I feel like when you’re there from the start, you’ve got more time to make a connection with everybody, and you’ve got more time for everyone to get to know you.

The big question, are you and Al still together?

So at the moment, we do still talk to each other… but we’re not together.

And is there anyone in anyone else from the villa you’re still in touch with?

I am in touch with everyone. We all still hang out, there’s not one person I don’t speak to. Even Conor! 

Love Island Australia airs 6pm Monday – Thursday on 9Now. 

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