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The real reason Koby Abberton grilled Mark Philippoussis about his salary

“There is a method in my madness.”
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SAS Australia viewers cringed when Bra Boy Koby Abberton grilled tennis super star Mark Philippoussis about how much he actually got paid during the height of his sporting career.

WATCH: SAS Australia’s Koby Abberton grills Mark Philippoussis about his salary

While Mark appeared to try to dodge the specifics, Koby was like a dog with a bone in the episode as he attempted to nail down a ballpark figure.

Given Australian society’s (perhaps outdated) taboo surrounding talking about money, fellow recruit, ex Home and Away star Dan Ewing summed up the situation by commenting, “That’s very awkward.”

Koby Abberton
Koby Abberton (pictured) has revealed the real reason he grilled fellow SAS Australia recruit Mark Philippoussis about how much money he made. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Surprisingly, it turns out Koby actually had a reason for the campside interrogation – and no, it wasn’t just because he was nosy.

Taking to his Instagram Story, Koby offered his explanation for the choice of questions.

“I want young kids to know how much sports stars earn. In my height I earned $250k a year to do what I love and that’s surfing. I would of surfed for free,” he wrote.

“Kids want to be TikTok/Youtube and Instagram stars these days. Not on my watch son. That’s why I asked Mark Philippoussis on live TV. There is a method in my madness always.”

Tagging in Mark, he addressed the tennis ace directly but stopped short of apologising, writing: “If I offended you, well that’s life.”

Mark Philippoussis
Mark Philippoussis (pictured) was rolling in cash thanks to prize money and sponsorship deals. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Controversial Koby has become one of the central figures in Channel Seven’s hit reality show as he is put through his paces in gruelling physical challenges by Chief Instructor Ant Middleton and Directing Staff Ollie Ollerton, Jason “Foxy” Fox and Mark “Billy” Billingham.

Alongside Koby are stars such as Jett Kenny, Jana Pittman, Sam Burgess, Isabelle Cornish and more.

WATCH: Koby Abberton exposed for cheating on SAS Australia

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It hasn’t been all smoot sailing for Koby. Earlier in the season Koby came under fire for “cheating” after he was busted by the Directing Staff for only doing 15 push-ups instead of the required 30 during a punishing drill.

 SAS Australia airs Monday to Wednesday 7.30pm on Channel Seven and 7plus

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