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Bachelorette Ciarran Stott spotted with blonde Angie Kent look-alike

The charming Brit looks very happy!
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Bachelorette king Ciarran Stott has wiped away his tears post-Angie Kent. New saucy photos show that he’s moved on.

WATCH BELOW: The very naughty “powder” video Ciarran doesn’t want you to see.

Ciarran was spotted looking every bit as the chiselled god that he is.

The 25-year-old was at a Sydney beach with a blonde Angie Kent look-alike.

Ciarran and blonde babe
Ciarran and his mystery bae were splashing up a storm.
Ciarran and blonde babe
The duo seemed very affectionate with one another.

The pair were all over each other, enjoying the best of Sydney’s weather.

Ciarran rocked a teeny pair of red and white Speedos.

While his blonde babe showed off her stunning body in a pink bikini.

Ciarran’s beach appearance follows his heartbreaking exit from The Bachelorette.

The favourite decided to end his time on the show following the passing of his nan.

Ciarran and blonde babe
We bet this lucky lass will be getting Ciarran’s roses.
Ciarran and blonde babe

An insider recently told New Idea that Ciarran initially didn’t want to leave, so he tried to stay for a week. But his heart just wasn’t in it anymore and “he was over the whole thing.”

Understandably, Ciarran was “super depressed, not himself.”

The larrikin couldn’t stop thinking about his nan and just didn’t want to be in the competition.

He ultimately left for the UK to see his family. Despite both Angie Kent and production wanting Ciarran to return, the Brit decided it was best he closed his Bachelorette chapter.

Ciarran and blonde babe
Ciarran says he regrets leaving.

Following his exit from The Bachelorette, Ciarran told Ten Daily that he regretted leaving the mansion and ultimately the race for Angie’s heart. 

“I don’t regret much in life, but I do regret leaving the mansion,” he told the publication.

“I feel like I should have gritted my teeth,” he said, “only a few more weeks and I could have been the number one.”

“Looking back, it was a mistake to leave.”

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