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Behind Big Brother star Estelle Landy’s surprising friendship with Justin Bieber

“Justin is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He’s so real, he truly is so kind.”
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A decade on from her first Big Brother appearance, Estelle Landy has returned to our screens, and so has our public interest in her life.

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We mostly remember Estelle as the bundle of energy from the 2012 season, who defied her crazy amount of housemate nominations and managed to stay in the house until the final day, placing third overall on the show.

But there’s another memory from 2016 that’s popped up – her supposed ‘friendship’ with international pop star Justin Bieber.

We don’t think they’re particularly close, but Estelle has confirmed she met him while snowboarding in California, and she’s got the selfies to prove it.

“Justin is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.” (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking to Nova’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny in 2016, Estelle revealed she approached Justin and his entourage while he was out celebrating his 22nd birthday.

“I’m out here snowboarding and he’s here for his birthday so I thought I’d walk over and say hey and ask if he wanted to go for a snowboard,” she revealed.

“Justin is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He’s so real, he truly is so kind,” she said.

Apparently, beyond their snowboarding venture, the pair went fishing together as well.

“Of all the people to get their feet dirty I didn’t think it would be Justin Bieber but we went fishing in the lake and running through the mud.”

Estelle met Justin while he was celebrating his 22nd birthday. (Credit: Instagram)

Estelle commemorated the meeting on Instagram, sharing a selfie of herself and Justin.

“Great full day of pre-birthday shredd with the homie @justinbieber,” she wrote.

“Happy 22nd you positive, great human,” she added.

“Ride again soon! People love to label someone they don’t know, well this guy is one of the sweetest I’ve come across.”

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Estelle posted another photo a few weeks later, with Justin pulling a face.

“The most grounded human I know, given the circumstances,” she penned.

“Keep being you, shredd soon. Hope you’re getting time to recharge your energy.”

With Estelle’s zest for life and seemingly kind nature, she does strike us as the type to make friends with everyone wherever she might go.

Estelle has return to the Big Brother house for 2022. (Credit: Seven)

Estelle’s personality clashed with some others on her first round of Big Brother, where she was nominated by her fellow housemates 89 times, which is the highest amount in Australian Big Brother history.

However, in a challenge among the final five, collated videos of the housemates’ experiences showed Estelle had never said harsh things behind anyone’s back while living in the house, and had held onto her integrity.

“I just want to prove to Australia that you can get places in your life being yourself and being original,” Estelle said of her 2022 return to Big Brother.

“You can actually just be genuine and go places,” she added.

This article first appeared on our sister site, WHO.

You can catch Estelle on Big Brother from Monday-Wednesday nights on Channel Seven and 7Plus.

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