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Confirmed! Here’s the official cast for Big Brother Back To The Future

The show's royalty will be competing against new housemates.
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Channel Seven has officially dropped a first look at Big Brother Back To The Future, featuring some very familiar former housemates, as well plenty of newbies.

WATCH: Big Brother Back To The Future first look

Most Big Brother fans agree that the golden age of the franchise was back in the early 2000s and early 2010s. So it’s really no surprise that the network is bringing back old housemates to give viewers that dose of nostalgia they so desperately crave.

Whether it be Merlin Luck’s gripping eviction night protest, Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew’s infamous romance, or even the Oats A La Layla song inspired by Layla Subritzky , there are some moments that will forever go down in Australian Big Brother history.

Now, we get to relive the glory days with a modern twist. Here’s who’s headed for the Big Brother house so far.

Gretel Killeen (left) and Reggie Bird (right). (Credit: Ten)

Reggie Bird – 2003 winner

“This may be a new game, but I’m still the same old Reggie,” the 2003 winner says in the official first look.

Trevor Butler. (Credit: Ten)

Trevor Butler – 2004 winner

The 2004 winner is also making a comeback!

Estelle Landy. (Credit: Nine)

Estelle Landy – 2012 housemate 

As is 2012 housemate Estelle Landy.

Layla Subritzky. (Credit: Nine)

Layla Subritzky – 2012 runner up

And 2012 runner-up Layla Subritzy, whose brother David recently appeared on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Tim Dormer. (Credit: Nine)

Tim Dormer – 2013 winner 

“Hey Big Brother, did you miss me?” 2013 winner Tim says in the preview.

Tully Smyth (left) and Anthony Drew (right). (Credit: Nine)

Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew – 2013 housemates 

“History is not going to repeat itself,” Tully Smyth can be heard saying in the first look, no doubt referring to her infamous on-screen romance with Anthony Drew – who is also returning to the show.

Dave Graham. (Credit: Seven)

Dave Graham – 2006 housemate

“Last time was a wild ride,” 2006 housemate farmer Dave says in the trailer.

As for the fresh faces, so far we have…

Johnson. (Credit: Seven)

Johnson – Big Brother superfan

“I’m a massive Big Brother fan. I’ve watched every second of every episode season,” the new housemate says.

Joel. (Credit: Seven)

Joel – Fitness fanatic

“I am a strong physical player,” Joel reveals.

(Credit: Seven)

Aleisha – Entrepreneur

“I’m a very good liar; lying comes scarily easy to me,” Aleisha adds.

Sam. (Credit: Seven)

Sam – Intimacy coach

“Seduction is an art. I flirt with women just as much as I flirt with men,” Sam muses in the preview.

Josh. (Credit: Seven)

Josh – Ex international model 

Hailing from Byron Bay, 32-year-old former international model Josh hints he has the potential to “get under people’s skin” in the Big Brother house.

“I want to be a leader. I got no desire to be a sheep,” Josh shares.

“We are here to win a game. You wanna keep playing a happy family? We are not here to make best friends temporarily. I’ll put a target on your backs too,” he admits to his fellow housemates on day one. 

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