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Bachelor Australia 2022: Who are Felix Von Hofe and Thomas Philbin-Malucelli?

The two handsome lads are BOTH set to lead the newest season of The Bachelor!
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In interesting news for Bachelor Australia fans, social media has been abuzz with rumours that the new season is set to feature not one, but TWO handsome fellas who will be looking for love.

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Whispers began after The Wash revealed that Channel 10 is “mixing things up this year and having two Bachelors.”

After they first announced that Melbourne basketball pro Felix Von Hofe was set to suit up for the new season, they then dropped another bombshell that he would also be joined by Sydney-based fitness and life coach Thomas Malucelli, adding that they had “spotted both the guys filming dates at the same time this week.”

In light of this exciting news, we’re taking a look at our two new potential suitors who have reportedly kicked off filming on the Gold Coast ahead of the newest season of The Bachelor. 

Seeing double! It looks like this season could see two new Bachelors looking for love. (Credit: The Wash)

Who is Felix Von Hofe?

Felix looks to have had quite the career when it comes to basketball, playing primarily for the Melbourne United Basketball Team.

However, it looks as though his professional career ended in 2017, and he’s since been working for SportsBet as a Brand Ambassador and has also had some broadcasting experience under his belt.

While information about Felix is limited as his social media profiles are currently set to private, according to ProBallers, the potential Bachie was born on February 10th, 1995 – making him an Aquarius – and he stands at a massive 6 ft and 5 inches. 

But he’s not just sporty – he’s also a smart cookie as he holds an arts and interdisciplinary studies degree from Eastern College Australia. Tick and tick! 

Felix is quite the athlete it seems! (Credit: Getty)

Who is Thomas Philbin-Malucelli?

Italian stallion Thomas, 35, was apparently a full-time restaurant manager for seven years but when his “lifestyle and health suffered,” he changed direction.

He then founded Our Freedom Project, which specialises in “natural nutritional products and detoxification,” as mentioned on his LinkedIn page.

Italian stallion Thomas is also set to star in the new season. (Credit: Twitter)

According to the page, Thomas works “with fitness and personal trainers, health professionals and everyday individuals – empowering them to change their quality of their health and lifestyles, as well as their clients, family and friends whilst helping them create residual income and pursue their dreams.”

While the handsome suitor seems to be quite the catch, some clucky contestants may be left disappointed with a recent Mother’s Day post from the Bach, where he mentions that “the last thing I could think of is having a kid right now.” Interesting!

Thomas posted this for Mother’s Day earlier this year. (Credit: Facebook)

It also looks like the fitness lover had a previous longterm girlfriend named Brittany Onorato, with the Millennial Success podcast interviewing the pair in April 2020 where they described the duo as “a power couple that specialise in network marketing through a health and wellness company called ISAGENIX.”

“On today’s episode they explain to us how they went from being burnt out, stressed and unhealthy hospitality workers to being able to work from the comfort of their own home, set their own hours, speak on stage in front of thousands of people and winning $90,000.00 AUD by transforming their body,” the episode description read.

Thomas looks to have had a previous relationship with a woman named Brittany. (Credit: Instagram/brittanyonorato)

A birthday message to Thomas from Brittany posted on her Instagram page in 2020 also read, “I want to wish this incredible man, who holds a very special place in my heart, a very happy birthday. I am so proud of the man you have become and with each year that passes you become even more brilliant and beautiful.”

Obviously, with news that Thomas is set to appear as one of our two new Bachelors, it seems the pair have called time on their relationship since then. 

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