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EXCLUSIVE: Caroline Courtis spills secrets from her time on Survivor

"I'm really proud of the game I played."
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She may not have won the title of sole Survivor, but 55-year-old Caroline Courtis still has plenty to be grateful for from her time playing the world’s greatest game.

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Navigating the game from the shadows, the north coast-based midwife gave it her all in every challenge, every strategy talk, and every tribal council. 

But ultimately, at the most important tribal council of all, the jury sided with 28-year-old Feras Basal.

While Caroline hoped her pitch shone a light on how she had taken out massive threats, split up power couples, and known where all but two of the votes were going, her case for winning just wasn’t strong enough in the end.

Despite this, when speaking to New Idea Caroline says she has nothing but fond memories to take away from the six weeks she spent in Samoa.

Caroline was a mother hen to her tribe. (Credit: Channel Ten)

“Landing on that mat was a bucket list dream, I had such an amazing experience out there. I got to live out what is probably the greatest experience of my life, except for having my three kids. It was just absolutely incredible,” she shares with us. 

“My Survivor experience was everything I wanted it to be and more. I [just] really wanted to be completely flung not thrown outside my comfort zone and see if I had what it took to play this game.”

“I embraced every minute of it, I relished it, I adored it, I love those people out there and I’m really, really proud of the game I played,” she added.

The 55 year old last an impressive 2 hours and 15 minutes in the final individual immunity challenge. (Credit: Channel Ten)

As a super fan of the show, Caroline said that she felt like she had prepared adequately for what the game would entail, but had major regrets about the personal items she chose to bring with her also immediately. 

“If I ever played again I would definitely wear different clothing.”

“I knew the conditions weren’t going to be ideal because we were living in the jungle, on the beach, exposed to the wind and rain. But I knew I just had to embrace it and enjoy the experience and everything it brought me.”

Speaking of the experience, we had to ask if in an alternate universe had she won that brutal final individual immunity challenge, who Caroline would have taken through to the end. 

“Mark,” she answers instantaneously. 

And what if she had been eliminated then and there? Where would her vote lay as a member of the jury?

“Mark,” she answers straight away once more.

Best friends for life! (Credit: Instagram/Channel Ten)

As for what the future holds for Caroline, she would “absolutely return” to play a second season of Survivor

She’s also busy making plans to catch up with her fellow castaways, most of whom she describes as “friends for life.”

“We have a WhatsApp group, I’m still in touch with everybody minus one person. Obviously, I have a closer relationship with some people than others but I can honestly say out of 24 people, 22 of them are my friends.”

“It’s been amazing coming back, we’ve all supported each other and been kind and respectful.”

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