The simple shot that saved my sex life

Desperate to increase her libido, Roxanne tried a revolutionary approach

A woman who spent seven years in a ‘relatively sexless’ relationship has revealed how a simple procedure changed her love life for good.

Roxanne Macias, 35, was desperate to increase her libido after a lack of desire on both sides eventually led to the mutual breakdown of her partnership.

‘When the relationship ended my confidence was shattered,’ Roxanne, who works in sales and marketing, says.

‘The lack of sex meant that I felt devoid of any femininity and as a result my confidence was low.’

Roxanne Macias tried the O-shot
Roxanne Macias tried the O-Shot (Credit: Supplied)

About a year later she met a new man, Vincent, at a party.

Still bothered by her lack of libido, in 2015 she heard about The O-Shot – a simple, nonsurgical, doctor-administered treatment that can augment and rejuvenate the Grafenberg spot (G-Spot), clitoris, and labia.  

The procedure was carried out by Dr Shirin Lakhani, the first female doctor qualified to practise the treatment in the UK, at her purpose-built clinic Elite Aesthetics in Kent.

Roxanne Macias tried the O-shot
Roxanne had the O-Shot after meeting Vincent and says it’s increased her confidence in the bedroom (Credit: Supplied)

It involved taking blood from Roxanne’s arm, spinning it to isolate the platelets responsible for rejuvenation and repair, and then injecting it back into the inner walls of her vagina and clitoris. 

It stimulates collagen production resulting in increased libido and heightened sensitivity.

Roxanne decided not to tell Vincent before she had the 45-minute procedure but began to see positive results within a couple of hours. 

‘I began to feel tingly down there and Vincent noticed very quickly because it allowed me to achieve multiple prolonged orgasms – something I hadn’t been able to do before. It also improved my libido.’

Roxanne Macias tried the O-shot
The procedure was carried out by Dr Shirin Lakhani (pictured) (Credit: Supplied)

The O-Shot didn’t only increase Roxanne’s confidence in the bedroom. It gave her a boost in day-to-day life, and she even credits it for getting her promoted at work. 

In January 2017, Vincent, now 43, proposed to Roxanne and with the wedding booked for 2018, Roxanne embarked on getting her body, and mind, wedding-ready.

Top of the list was getting a top-up of the O-Shot, which she had in November 2017.

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