‘People stare because you’re so beautiful’

Mum says she doesn't want her daughter to feel "different".

She was born with a misshapen skull, fused fingers and eyes that bulged.

But little Isla Wells has always been told by her mum that she is beautiful.

Her mother Kylie says that when strangers stare at her two-year-old daughter she tells them they stare “because she’s so beautiful”.

Now two, Isla was born with a  rare genetic condition called Apert syndrome that resulted in deformities to her hands, feet and face.

Kylie, from Tasmania, says: ‘I’d be lost without her. She’s such a beautiful kid. She’s always smiling, always positive’

But passers-by are not always kind. ‘A lot of people have stared and poked fun at her and said things like they are scared of her.’

(Credit: GoFundMe)

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