Natalie Barr revealed how she solved her son’s sleep problems

It's one of motherhood's biggest struggles.

Sunrise Mornings news reader, Natalie Barr, has discussed how she struggled with early motherhood and particularly the major issue of getting her children to sleep. 

Nat’s two children are now 12 and 16, and although she is happy to say they sleep in their own beds now, it wasn’t an easy feat to get there.

Talking to Kidspot, Nat recalls that things seemed to become really ‘fun’ when her first son was around two-and-a-half years old. 

‘I reckon that was the magic age. Where they could walk and do a bit of talking and add a bit of feedback. I thought ‘he’s pretty cute,” she says.

But, the news reader also admits that at this age she found it incredibly difficult to get her sons to sleep, and in turn herself to sleep.

She says, ‘I had been to Tresillian and the controlled crying had failed and I was really thinking ‘nothing’s going to work here. This is just me, I’m really stuffing up badly here.’ 

It was then Barr called in the help of The Australian Baby Whisperer, Sheyne Rowley.

According to Barr, Rowley was able to fix her son’s sleeping problems in less than a week! 

‘We hired her. She came into my house. Five days later he was sleeping,’ Nat reveals. 

You can check out the amazing work of Rowley right here.

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