Mum refuses painkillers after accident so she can breastfeed distressed newborn

Talk about a real-life super mum!

New Zealander, Danni Bett was driving with her two-month-old daughter Indi in Christchurch, when she lost control of her vehicle and smashed into a metal fence,

Despite the horrific crash leaving Danni in a neck brace with severe pain in her neck and spine, her motherly instinct kicked in.

All I could say was, “Get my baby out, she’s in the car, get my baby”. I was in so much shock,’ Danni revealed.

Amazingly, baby Indi had slept through the entire crash!

However, with searing pain coursing through her neck and back, the young mum bravely refused painkillers for four hours whilst she underwent x-rays and ultrasounds to determine the extent of her injuries….all so she was able to breastfeed her daughter.

‘I wanted her, I wanted to calm her. After a traumatic day as it is, to give her that (a bottle) would not be right. (Breastfeeding) is the best for her and I had that.’

The special moment was captured by a nurse, which Danni later shared to Facebook.

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