Miracle twins born to couple in one in a million chance

Couple have one naturally-conceived twin and one IVF-conceived twin in “last try” attempt

A childless Adelaide couple have welcomed twin babies in an event so rare doctors say the odds are astronomical.

Krystal and Luke Findlay delivered non-identical twins Ethan and Ava-Rose after the baby girl grew from an implanted embryo and the little boy was conceived naturally.

The couple were speechless when the ultrasound revealed they were expecting two babies after only having one embryo implanted.

Says Luke: ‘We were in shock and thought the embryo had split and we were having identical twins. But it turns out one of the babies was conceived naturally.’

The couple had spent three years trying to have a baby. After one round of IVF they were unsuccessful and a second cycle produced three embryos. They were devastated when the first transfer failed and the second embryo did not survive the thawing process.

‘We were pretty sure the third embryo would be our last attempt as it was taking a heavy toll on Krystal,’ said Luke.

The couple are thrilled with their pigeon pair. ‘Just to be able to conceive naturally after all that we have been through is amazing, but to have it occur in that small window when an embryo was successfully implanted is unbelievable,’ says Luke.

(Credit: Facebook)

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