Libby Trickett reveals she’s lost her baby weight 10 months after giving birth

The Olympic swimmer has shed 23kgs and says ‘I finally have a healthy relationship with food’.

She’s been honest about the struggles of adapting to a baby and now Libby Trickett has revealed her sensible approach to weight loss following the birth of her daughter Poppy.

Sharing a picture on Instagram of her standing barefoot on the scales, Libby, 31, writes: ‘I’m back at my pre-pregnancy weight’.

She continued: ‘I’m most proud of the fact that I was in love with my body through all of its changes and was comfortable in it again months ago.

‘I didn’t lose it all because I worked out constantly (I can barely even say it was consistently!) but I listened to my body, gave it what it needed and enjoyed myself along the way.

‘I finally have a healthy relationship with food and I only hope I can pass that on to my little girl.’

Libby and husband Luke welcomed Poppy in August last year. 

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