Keli Lane’s jailmate reveals ‘I know where baby Tegan is’

Fresh claims about the convicted child killer

Sentenced to a maximum of 18 years for the murder of her newborn daughter, Tegan, former champion water polo player Keli Lane has always protested her innocence.

But in a shocking new twist, former cellmate Jenna-Lee Hughes has broken her silence and revealed the Sydney mum’s deepest secrets – including the location of where she buried her newborn daughter.

‘Lane has regular nightmares,’ Jenna-Lee says. ‘On two occasions I heard her talking about burying something in Olympic Park Stadium’.

The whereabouts of the little girl’s body has long remained a mystery, despite exhaustive searches by the NSW police officers and detectives.

But it was late at night in prison, after lights out, that Jenna-Lee says Keli would toss and turn in the darkness and call out in her sleep, revealing shocking confessions she’s kept hidden – until now.

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(Credit: New Idea Magazine)

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