Jessica Rowe’s top five school lunch tips

Tips to make home life easy!

Any parent packing school lunch boxes knows how hard it is to find nutritious foods that don’t make their way back home.

Despite this struggle, research from Australian Bananas shows 62 per cent of Aussie parents want their kids to eat healthy foods, starting with a balanced school lunch.

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Busy mum-of-two and TV star Jessica Rowe knows the importance of providing her family with nutritious meals.

“We need to pack our kids’ lunch boxes with fuelling foods to help them learn and play throughout the school day,” says Jessica.

Here are the lunch staples she swears by…

Jess knows the importance of providing her family with nutritious meals. (Credit: Instagram)

Don’t overthink it

Forget gourmet, there’s no need to go too big for a school lunch.

“As parents, we’re busy trying to get a million things done, so take the pressure off by keeping lunches and snacks simple,” Jessica says.

“Cut up fruits and vegies, and use healthy spreads or a slice of meat or cheese for sandwiches.”

Energy boosters

It’s important to find foods naturally high in energy to keep kids switched on during the day.

One of Jessica’s go-to snacks are Aussie bananas. “They’re naturally convenient and full of magnesium, folate and vitamin B6, and taste so good,” she says.

Other good options include hummus and carrot sticks, and dried fruit.

Jess is a fan of ading healthy snacks to school lunches. (Credit: Supplied)

Add in a treat

Jessica says the hallmark of a balanced lunch box is throwing in a snack you know won’t come back.

“You want them to enjoy what they’re eating, so ask your kids what sort of treats they’d like most,” she suggests.

Make lunch fun

School lunches don’t have to be boring. “I love putting a note in my kids’ lunch boxes, so they know I’m thinking of them,” she says. “It might be a ‘mum joke’ or a fun idea for a conversation.”

Jess likes to brighten up her kids’ lunches with a personal note. (Credit: Instagram)

Plan together

“Keep things interesting [by letting] your kids help plan their lunches with you,” Jessica suggests.

“This will get them more excited about their lunch and encourage them to eat what’s in there.”

Jessica loves brightening up lunch boxes with fun snacks and cute notes to her kids.

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