How I Met Your Mother star talks about miscarriage that happened while she was shopping

She hopes to normalise the topic
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Actress Ashley Williams has spoken out about miscarrying during her second pregnancy in the hopes of normalising the subject.

In an essay for Medium, Williams, 37, said she was grocery shopping with her one-year-old son Gus when she started bleeding at eight-weeks pregnant.

‘A heavy, dark, and slow stream of blood made its way down my left inner thigh,’ she wrote. ‘Without thinking, I swiped it. My fingertips came up wet.’

What surprised Williams was that her miscarriage wasn’t uncommon. ‘This happens to one in four pregnant women your age,’ her midwife told her.

Williams believes if more people talked about their experiences, she might have been more prepared.

The How I Met Your Mother actress said giving birth made her feel like a ‘badass woman’, while miscarrying caused her to lose confidence in herself.

‘I gave birth to Gus on the living room floor, a planned home birth, with no medication,’ she wrote.

‘I am a bad*** woman. I am strong. My miscarriage, however, decimated my confidence.’.

Finishing her essay, Wiliams wrote: ‘Now, I stand here in front of you, chalk in hand, needing to normalize my miscarriage. And I’d love to hear about yours.

‘I believe this it will allow me — and us — to gather hope and strength.’

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