Easy Halloween crafts that your kids are guaranteed to love

Get your kids in the spooky spirit with some easy Halloween crafts.
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With spooky season just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about how you can entertainment your kids.

Trick-or-treating is many kids favourite part of Halloween but it’s time to show them just how much fun this day can be!

To distract them from thinking about all the sweet treats they will be getting, entertain them with these super fun AND easy Halloween arts and crafts.

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Trying to find ideas for fun Halloween crafts kids will love can be a difficult task.

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bat craft wm
Craft and styling: Rachael Ridley. (Credit: Michelle Tan, New Idea)

Boo-tiful bats

Paint a toilet roll black (make sure you paint the tops of the insides). Draw two wings and two small triangles on black cardboard and cut them out. Using a scalpel (an adult should do this part), cut two slits at the sides of the roll and slide the edges of the wings in. Make two more slits on both sides of the top of the roll and slide the triangles in to make the ears. Glue on some googly eyes and two small white triangles for the teeth. Cut two 8cm long pipe cleaners and stick to the inside of the roll at the bottom with sticky tape. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaners so you can hang the bats from things!

(Credit: Michelle Tan, New Idea)

Spider sign

Don’t want to leave the house unattended while you’re out trick or treating? Hang this cute spider on your front door or gate and let the kiddies help themselves! Cut a paper plate in half, staple it together and paint it black. Feed black pipe cleaners through the cracks in the plates and secure them with staples to create the legs. Staple some string to each side of the plate to hand around your door knob. Cut out some eyes and a mouth from cardboard and glue them onto the middle of the plate. Stick a cute sign to the front legs with sticky tape and he’s ready to go!

spider craft wm
Craft and styling: Rachael Ridley. (Credit: Michelle Tan, New Idea)

Spooky spiders

Turn a simple pom pom decoration (you can buy these at your local craft store) into a grumpy spider you hand from trees or around your house. Cut out two eyes from white cardboard and stick them to the pom pom with sticky tape. Cut out two smaller circles from black cardboard and stick them onto the middle of the white cardboard. Cute out eight 20cm-long stripes of black cardboard. Bend them near the ends and then attach them to pom pom with sticky tape.

This one is super easy! (Credit: Getty)

Painted rock monsters

This kids craft is as simple as it seems. All you need is paint and rocks. Take your kids on a treasure hunt out in the back garden or nearest park and search for the best rocks you can find. Once you’re back in the house all they need to do is paint the rock and a colour of their choice and then paint the scariest face onto the rock. Make too many of these and your home will turn into a haunted house!

The best of all Halloween decorations… ghost pops. (Credit: Getty)

Ghost Pops

These ghost pops make for perfect Halloween decorations for your Halloween party! All you need is lollipops, tissues, rubber bands and a permanent marker. Simply wrap the tissue around the top of the lollipop and secure it with a rubber band. Then, draw on a funny face to make your ghost come to life. 

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