‘Free to a good home’

Mum offers to "give away" her teenager.

Teenagers can be tricky but for one mum the challenges have clearly reached a tipping point.

Ella Brookbanks has taken to Facebook to “give away” her son Bradley after the mood swings and door slamming became too much.

In the tongue-in-cheek post, she writes: ‘Teenager – 14 years old – but thinks he’s 32 – could pass for 4 though. Free to a good loving home, after all we only want the best don’t we.’

She continued: ‘Qualities include door slamming, wearing battered looking trainers in the house, spending more time on his hair than his showers, mood swings, not having the energy to hoover his room but having the energy to skateboard.’

She finished by writing: ‘Serious enquiries only – no time wasters.’

She said so many people only post the perfect moments on Facebook and she felt like sharing the other side.

That said, she says her son isn’t “all bad”.

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