Five-year-old saves up his birthday money to take his best friend on a date

No expense was spared for Freddie's date.

Freddie Gibson got the idea of taking his best friend Dee Dee Jones on a date after seeing his mum and dad going on a date.

The adorable kid has been best friends with Dee Dee since their mums met at antenatal class so he sent her a note asking her out.

‘To Dee Dee. I would like to take you on a date when you are five,’ he wrote.

Freddie’s mum Nina said her son took his date very seriously, ‘He bought her flowers, and she had a new dress and her hair done all nicely. It was so lovely and sweet – they held hands all the way.’

(Credit: Pizza Express)

Nina and her husband Ian accompanied the kids but sat at a different table. 

Indeed, the staff at Pizza Express were so impressed by Freddie they gave them the meal for free!

Afterwards Nina asked her son if he’d like to take Dee Dee out again. ‘Yes,’ he told her, ‘because she’s beautiful.’

(Credit: Pizza Express)

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