Mum’s cleaning hack takes the Internet by storm


A South Carolina mother has taken to Facebook to share her genius cleaning hack, and the internet loves it. 

Samantha Roberson, a mother-of-one, told her Facebook friends her son Shane is a ‘messy monster’ and ‘decides to wear everything he eats’, which meant she was left regularly spot cleaning her beige felt chairs.

She wrote, ‘About once a week I clean my microfiber furniture with Windex because my child is a messy monster and decides to wear everything he eats!

‘I know I have mentioned it before but I wanted to show the magic!!!!

‘All I do is scrub it with windex and a microfiber towel/rag.

‘Share to save a life,’ she added with a cheeky wink emoji.

(Credit: Facebook)

Samantha added, ‘I’m not a miracle maker, I’m not super-mum, my house isn’t always clean (that’s for sure) but I just figured if I share, I could help another parent cause it definitely helps me.’

The post has been shared over 97,000 times. 

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