Who will win The Block 2023? Take a look at all the predictions

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The Block auction is almost upon us, with sources and fans placing their bets on who they think will win. 

Will it be Kristy and Brett, who have been tipped to “make the most money” by Yahoo Lifestyle? Or will it be Kyle and Leslie, the winners of Domain Magazine’s selection. Or will Steph and Gian take home the win, with the full backing of the judging panel? 

Let’s dive into all the clues and predictions for The Block auction day.

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This year, our cast of rookie renovators includes couples Gian and Steph, Kyle and Leslie, Kristy and Brett, Ash and Leah, and sisters Liberty and Eliza. 

According to Australian betting websites, fans are putting their money behind Steph and Gian to take home the most money. Their odds are currently listed at $1.50 on TAB, while Sportsbet is 25 cents higher at $1.75. 

TAB and Sportsbet also agreed on second place, with Kyle and Leslie given odds of $5.00 on both.

Kristy and Brett scored third place on Sportsbet, with odds of $6, but they tied with sisters Eliza and Liberty. Meanwhile, Leah and Ash were in last place with odds of $7.00.

Over on Tab, Kristy and Brett came in third with odds of $6. Another tie occurred in fourth place on TAB, with Eliza and Liberty and Leah and Ash coming in last at $7.00.

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The Block 2023 renovations are now complete and the auction has almost begun. (Credit: Nine)

Yahoo Lifestyle’s insider revealed that the house tipped to win isn’t going to be popular with fans.

“Insiders are tipping House 3 will make the most money and that is not going to go down well with viewers who have savaged Kristy and Brett’s behaviour throughout the series,” they explained to Yahoo

The source went on to explain that tension is still high, “Eliza and Liberty have had enough of Kristy and Brett’s pot stirring and the way the show ends. Leah and Ash were already off the girls’ Christmas card list. So there is still existing tension between those houses.”

The Block 2023 Domain Magazine cover winner. (Credit: Nine)

The contestants held their breath as the Domain Magazine cover winner was revealed.

Especially when it was teased that the winner had “nearly 50 per cent more listing views than their closest rival.”

In the end, Kyle and Leslie had the most page views on their house.

The Block 2023 contestants from left to right: Kyle and Leslie, Gian and Steph, Eliza and Liberty, Leah and Ash and Kristy and Brett. (Credit: Nine)

The Block judges may have differences of opinion at times, but what they did agree on was House 4 winning. Steph and Gian’s future may be looking very bright this Sunday!

“The quality, the sense of calm and architectural attention to detail shows Steph and Gian have created the ultimate luxury and it truly makes it one of the best houses on The Block,” Shaynna Blaze explained.

Darren Palmer also agreed, instead focusing on how House 4 is sitting on the biggest “land parcel of 703m2.”

“They have also won the rooms that really sell houses: being Master Bedrooms and Kitchens,” Marty Fox went on.

Dave Franklin also backed House 4, pointing out how “they kept that beige palette, which is simple and [beautiful].”

“House 4 would set the highest price if it was to open the order,” Keith the Foreman admitted.

The Block 2023 judges have revealed who they think will win this years auction. (Credit: Nine)

Ultimately, only time will tell on who wins The Block auction day.

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