Meet the rookie renovators competing on The Block in 2023

Everything you need to know about our Blockheads for 2023
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The Block is gearing up for a major return in 2023 as the renovation series onboards a new judge (Marty Fox) and films in a new location, but the reveal of our brand-new blockheads is perhaps most exciting!

Following the wrap-up of filming in the last week of June, Channel Nine released the first teaser trailer for the brand new season, introducing our contestants for the very first time.

With stylised 1950s style shots (in line with this year’s theme) of our five teams, audiences were to finally get a sneak peek at who the contestants would be for the hit renovation reality show’s 19th season.

WATCH NOW: The Block 2023 Trailer. Article continues after video. 

Speaking to TV Tonight about the cast, Executive Producer Julian Cress described them all as “bloody awesome.”

“One of the challenges that I think we faced as producers, bringing the show to a much smaller scale than last season was that it would need to be noisier in other ways.”

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“So we were conscious of finding some very, very competitive people who would bring their all to it and really give us an A-grade competition. And they have done exactly that.”

Julian went on to add: “They’re all fresh faces. Some of the people who are on this show have applied to be on the show five or six times previously.”

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Scroll on to meet your Blockheads for 2023….

Scotty Cam has introduced the contestants in a teaser trailer for the upcoming season. (Credit: Nine)

Gian and Steph

Thanks to some sleuthing online by dedicated fans, we now know that Gian (27) works in finance and accounting at a start-up whilst Steph (27) is an architect (the first to be cast on The Block) with her own company, SjO Architects. 

With these backgrounds, we are certain this duo will be able to use their joint skills in budgeting and design to give their mid-century home on The Block a new lease on life. 

In a teaser for the new season, Steph said she and Gian wouldn’t be playing by the rules: “As an architect, we’re here to not give the conventional version of anything.”

She also suggested that their renovation style was ‘Japandi’ – aka a fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian design. 

The pair also reside in New South Wales. 

Gian and Steph (Credit: Nine)

Kyle and Leslie 

Firefighter Kyle (36) and teaching aide Leslie (34) are proud parents from Western Australia. 

The couple also post hilarious videos from their life to their TikTok account @leslie_cottone. 

Kyle and Leslie (Credit: Nine)

Liberty and Eliza 

These sisters from Victoria may be the only same-sex team this season, but we are sure they will rise to the challenge!

Eliza (37) is a radio producer who has also worked as Hamish Blake and Andy Lee’s personal assistant for the last decade, whilst Liberty (34) works as an integration producer. 

Liberty also has her own dating podcast – Finding a Unicorn – which she co-hosts with former MAFS bride Carly Bowyer. 

In a sneak peek for the upcoming season, the pair joke about finding love on The Block. 

“Are any of your sons single?” Liberty jokingly asks Scotty Cam before adding that she and her sister were “single and ready to mingle.”

“So we’re hoping there are some single tradies.”

Liberty and Eliza (Credit: Nine)

Kristy and Brett

Project manager Kristy (34) and safety officer Brett (34) are sure to keep at the front of the pack as they renovate, as they are sure to utilise their existing skillsets to come out on top come auction time. 

The couple are from South Australia. 

Kristy and Brett (Credit: Nine)

Ash and Leah

This Queensland couple is our second set of parents this season and have three kids!

Leah (32) currently works as a first aid officer whilst Ash (38) is this year’s only builder – a sure asset for competing on The Block!

The pair also run a family-run building company called The Milton Project. 

Ash and Leah (Credit: Nine)

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