EXCLUSIVE: Kyle and Leslie flee The Block

"They came here to build a house, not tear down other people!"
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Frustrated viewers aren’t the only ones fed up with the drama and catty behaviour dominating this season of The Block. 

Fan favourite couple Kyle and Leslie are sick to death of it too!

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In fact, we’re told Leslie gets so upset by the never-ending nastiness that she flees the worksite to escape it!

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“Leslie and Kyle can’t stand all the meanness and b***hing going on,” reveals our show insider. 

“This is not the type of show they signed up for. They came here to build a house, not tear down other people!”

Mum Leslie fled back to Perth to escape the drama whilst husband Kyle stayed behind to continue working (Credit: Channel Nine)

Things reach a boiling point this week, when Leslie, 34, heads home to Perth. 

It’s a welcome reprieve for the mum, who gets to spend time with sons Luca, 11, and Archer, seven, and attend a wedding. 

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While the trip has been scheduled in advance, we’re told it came just at the right time for the bubbly educational assistant. 

“It was really tough leaving the boys,” Leslie admits to New Idea. 

“The first few weeks flew by, then after a little while it got to the point where we were missing them.”

A lot has changed in the eight years since the couple first applied (Credit: Channel Nine)

Our source says that upon her return, Leslie makes a point to steer clear of any unwanted drama – especially from main pot-stirrers Leah and Kristy. 

Leslie says the cliquey pals are like “one whole entity”, so she instead happily bonded with Steph, Liberty, and Eliza. 

And while there’s plenty of more drama on the way, Kyle, 35, and Leslie won’t be a part of it.

In fact, the couple have been dubbed “Team Switzerland” by the other Blockheads for their neutrality. 

“We would stand back and not get involved in anything trivial,” explains Leslie. 

Getting cast on The Block was eight years in the making for Kyle and Leslie (Credit: Channel Nine)

Appearing on The Block has been a dream for Leslie and her firefighter husband Kyle ever since they first applied eight years ago. 

Despite getting close several times, it was finally the fifth time lucky for the popular pair. 

“They have worked so hard to get here,” tells our insider. 

“They know that [the show] could be a real chance to change their lives and even make some money, so they aren’t going to let any of this high-school drama get in the way of building a home that they are proud of.”

Indeed, as Leslie tells us, “Like anyone watching at home, I wanted to know the tea but never be the centre of it.”

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