Is The Block’s dramatic editing backfiring?

Fans are liking the show to MAFS.
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The new season of The Block has been billed as being just as dramatic as Married At First Sight Australia, but this change in direction could be backfiring big time on Channel Nine.

WATCH: Kirsty and Steph feud on The Block. Article continues after the video.

Die-hard fans are not loving the incessant drama going down at the Charming Street worksite. In particular the “school yard cliqueness” of Leah and Kristy is ruffling feathers.

Now, viewers are calling for host Scotty Cam to step in. They want him to give any “toxic Blockheads” their marching orders if they don’t stop their unsportsmanlike behaviour.

“Yes, they’re making a television show and producers need to draw in viewers, but some of the stuff that’s been happening is quite nasty,” says our insider.

Steph has been at the centre of the drama. (Credit: Nine)

“If things were to get unacceptable, I doubt Scotty would sit by and watch.

“He’d be stepping in for sure. No doubt he’s keeping a close eye on everything.”

With their houses sharing a fence, Leah and Kristy became fast friends from the word go. However, their closeness has seen them enjoying many gossip sessions about their fellow contestants – especially Steph.

“The way Leah and Kristy mock and belittle Steph’s emotions…” commented one disapproving fan online.

Fans want Scotty to step in. (Credit: Nine)

Another viewer said even though Steph might come across as shy and socially awkward, neither of these things warranted her being “on the receiving end of Leah and Kristy’s vitriol”. 

When New Idea spoke to Leah ahead of The Block’s premiere, she attributed her behaviour towards Steph during the first few weeks of filming to them having a “disconnect”.

She wishes she’d made “more of an effort to break down walls with her sooner.”

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