Eliza and Liberty respond to bullying claims on The Block 2023

“There’s a little bit of a clique."
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Fans appear to be outraged by bullying and the MAFS-style editing on The Block 2023, but contestants Eliza and Liberty stated that “karma” comes around.

WATCH NOW: Kirsty and Steph feud on The Block. Article continues after the video. 

While speaking on radio program 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin, the Season 19 contestants discussed the bullying and toxicity claims surrounding this year’s Block.

“Look I think that what you are seeing is exactly what played out,” Eliza explained.

“It’s unfortunate that there’s a tone of bullying, and I’m sorry to say it does not disappear anytime soon – but it does get called out. Karma’s a b—- and things happen as they should.”

Eliza said there is “a clique” forming between Leah and Kirsty. (Credit: Nine)

Blockheads know that initially there was a feud firing up with Leah and Kirsty against Steph. But while things have appeared to fizzle out following the “body corporate,” it is only going to continue yet with Eliza and Liberty as the potential target.

“There’s a little bit of a clique that forms between Kristy and Leah which you can see at the moment,” Eliza stated.

Eliza admitted to wanting to “jump in” a lot, however, Liberty felt it was important to wait until the conflict impacted them directly to which “it gets to a point where it does.”

Liberty wouldn’t call it “bullying”. (Credit: Nine)

Co-host Erin Molan asked if the girls were being “bullied” but Liberty admitted she wouldn’t explicitly classify it as “bullying.”

“I wouldn’t so much call it bullying. There were certainly things said about us that were untrue,” she said.

“If anyone questions our integrity, that is the biggest offence to both of us because we work really hard and we have really good morals. So that caused a bit of a stir with us.”

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