AMBER ALERT: Police urging community help

Queensland law enforcement issue public statement.

The Queensland Police Service is seeking urgent public assistance to help locate a child that may be missing in Labrador, Queensland. 

According to police reports a man has told a service station attendant he had a child in a bag in the Gold Coast suburb, Labrador. The man then made threats towards the child and left the area.

The man allegedly entered a service station on Frank Street in Labrador at 10.30am and while speaking to an attendant, he said that he had a child in a bag he was carrying and made threats towards the child.

The man then left the area and extensive police searches have failed to locate him at this stage.

The man is described as being Caucasian in appearance, around 180cm’s tall with a proportionate build and has tattoos on his arms. He was last seen wearing a black singlet, black pants and a cap and was seen carrying a black gym bag. He was last seen heading toward Southport on Frank Street. 

Police are urging anyone with information come forward immediately, and call 131 564.

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