“That’s just mean Sam!” Prime Minister hits back at comedians live on air

Multiple pot-shots were directed at Anthony Albanese last night.
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Have You Been Paying Attention celebrated its 250th episode last night and to celebrate welcomed Anthony Albanese onto the show as a guest quiz master.

But it didn’t take long for the group of comedians to throw a number of shocking jokes at the Prime Minister live on air. 

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Last night’s episode starred Kitty Flanagan, Aaron Chen, Amanda Keller, Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang alongside host Tom Gleisner. 

Once the group were joined virtually by the PM, they couldn’t help themselves from making a number of jokes at the leader’s expense, however, they were pleasantly surprised at how well Anthony could take the ‘roasting.’

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese was the special guest quiz master. (Credit: Ten)

Welcoming Anthony to the show, host Tom Gleisner asked the PM what life at the Lodge was like. 

“It’s a big step up from my last public housing let me tell you” the PM laughed.

“The only way I was going to get into a house with a tennis court was to become Prime Minister.”

250th episode of HYBPA
The group of comedians made a number of jokes at the PM’s expense. (Credit: Ten)

After speaking with the group about his recent trip to the NT and his plans to set a date for an upcoming referendum, Sam made a cheeky joke about the PM’s busy travel itinerary. 

“Prime Minister you know when you announce that date, you do realise you will have to be in the country – not overseas,” joked Sam. 

“That’s just mean Sam!” The PM replied, “I was warned about you, Sam.”

Tom Gleisner, Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang
Have You Been Paying Attention celebrated 250 episodes. (Credit: Ten)

“Prime Minister, I can see that you are in the Lodge, have you managed to get that Morrison smell out yet?” Ed brazenly asked.

“The exorcism has taken place!” Anthony threw back, before bursting into laughter. 

Kitty Flanagan also tried to get answers to her hard-hitting questions, yet the PM didn’t answer. 

“I’ve got the question we all want to know. What breed is the dog and what do you feed it? Answer the question Prime Minister!”

Whilst Anthony didn’t quite answer the question, he did reveal that his dog, Toto was enjoying life at the Lodge, even revealing that the pup has a sprained paw at the moment thanks to running around the much larger grounds of his new home.

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