Is Sam Pang married? The truth about the comedian’s wife

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Sam Pang is one of Australia’s most successful radio and television hosts, having been on a steady rise to fame ever since he found himself working at a community radio station.

He stars as a permanent panellist on the award-winning show Have You Been Paying Attention, and has a titular feature in Nova100’s breakfast programme, Chrissy, Sam & Browny.

But despite a career in the limelight, Sam has kept his personal life mostly under wraps.

In this article, we answer all your burning questions about Sam Pang! Who is Sam Pang’s wife? Does he have kids? What did Sam do before he became famous?

Read on to find out more.

Who Is Sam Pang?

Born and raised in Melbourne, Samuel Pang was born on 3 November 1973, which makes him 50 years old. His family is of Chinese heritage, but his nationality is Australian. Sam also has a brother named Chuck, their parents were apparently big Happy Days fans and named Sam’s brother after the character!

Before finding his calling in radio, Sam used to want to play for the AFL! He was part of the Collingwood Football Club’s under-19s team in 1991 and he played for local teams in Tasmania and Victoria. 

Chrissie Swan and Sam Pang pictrued at the SecondBite Waste Not Want Not Charity Dinner
Sam Pang with colleague Chrissie Swan. (Credit: Getty)

Road To Stardom

Sam worked in a bottle shop for a while, and he would constantly tell his friends about his desire to work in radio. His friends encouraged him to go for it, so he simply showed up at the community radio station 3CR and told them that was interested in working there. Sam got a job working the front desk and the rest is history.

Eventually, he was able to put his football background to use in contributing to sports reports. With the networking skills he got from working the front desk, he got into a conversation with a radio show producer, and he eventually became the co-host of Triple R’s Breakfasters for five years!

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Sam’s knack for meeting and knowing the right people led him to higher and higher tiers of success. In 2009, he became the host of history quiz show ADbc on SBS One. Sam admits that while he wasn’t a history buff as a student, he learned a lot during this hosting stint and has a much better appreciation of history now.

Also in 2009, Sam Pang co-presented the Eurovision Song Contest. Sam Pang’s partner was Julia Zemiro and the pair hosted the show for eight years before they handed the reins over to Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey.

Finally, Sam found his way into Aussie celeb royalty as a regular panellist on Network Ten’s Have You Been Paying Attention?, and as host of Driving with Sam Pang, where he interviews footy players in a car.

Behind The Scenes: Who Is Sam Pang Married To?

Despite being famous for being a radio and television host, Sam Pang doesn’t talk much about his personal life. In fact, even his fans are wondering: “Is Sam Pang married?” 

Sam seems to prefer to keep his personal and family life very private – we don’t even know his spouse’s name, though rumour has it that her name is Ann and their wedding took place in 2000.

sam pang Ed Kavalee Tom Gleisner
Sam Pang with his co-hosts. (Credit: Getty)

Sam Pang and his wife have a child together, Sienna Pang. While Sam normally keeps quiet about his family life, he let slip in an interview in 2012 that his daughter’s birth was one of the happiest days of his life. Beyond this, we know nothing about the Pang family, and we have yet to see a single photo!

Keeping Up With Sam Pang

While most radio hosts will usually joke about aspects of their personal life – be it former girlfriends, family feuds, or childhood crushes – Sam Pang has managed to keep work and family separate. And in today’s social media-fueled world, that’s definitely quite a feat!

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