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It’s been eight years since Bridget Jones’s Baby – the third film in the Bridget Jones’s Diary series – was released, and now, it has been confirmed that Bridget Jones will be making a comeback, with a fourth movie coming in 2025. 

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Here’s the best part… Renee Zellweger will be back starring as Bridget, 23 years after fans first fell in love with her in 2001. And what’s more, Hugh Grant, who played Daniel Cleaver in the first two films but did not appear in the third installment, will be returning for the new film, Mad About the Boy.

Reports suggest that filming for the new movie will begin in May 2024 in London, and pre-production is said to be well underway. Renee is speculated to be searching for a home to live in with her boyfriend Ant Antstead while filming. 

“Bridget is back and is about to take over London. Filming is being mapped out already and all of the pre-production is in place,” a source told Daily Mail. “There was some uncertainty about whether it would get off the ground, but the movie is coming.”

Also returning to the franchise is Emma Thompson who appeared as Dr. Rawlings in Bridget Jones’s Baby, as well as newcomers Chiwetel Ejiofor and Leo Woodall.

Though Hugh Grant did not appear in the third film, fans cannot wait to watch him in the fourth! (Credit: Getty)

The new movie is based on author Helen Fielding’s 2013 novel Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy which begins four years after Mark’s death. The book follows Bridget as a single mum and navigating how to keep her dating life alive while she tries and struggles with social media and dating apps.

An inside source has confirmed that One Day star Leo Woodall will play Bridget’s love interest in the new movie…

“Bridget is going to be a real cougar in the new film and she’ll be seen starting a relationship with a much younger character played by Leo,” a source told The Sun.

“Hugh Grant is back as Daniel Cleaver, so there will be a love triangle between Bridget’s older flame and this much younger new man.”

Whatever happens, everyone is very excited for the ultimate rom-com heroine to return and in light of this exciting news, it feels like time for a Bridget Jones movie marathon with the girls!

The new addition to the franchise with premiere on Valentine’s Day. (Credit: Getty)

When will Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy premiere?

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy will premiere in theatres internationally on February 14, 2025.

Where to watch Bridget Jones in Australia?

The good news is that Bridget Jones’s Diary, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, and Bridget Jones’s Baby are ALL available on Australian streaming services.

You can stream Bridget Jones’s Diary on BINGE, Paramount+Prime Video, and Apple TV+.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is available on Paramount+, Prime Video and Apple TV+.

Finally, you can stream Bridget Jones’s Baby on BINGE, Paramount+, Prime Video and Apple TV+.

Stream the full Bridget Jones film series now on Prime Video with a 30-day free trial. Subscribe here.


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