Woolworths delivers special Christmas entertaining range to help customers on any budget enjoy an indulgent celebration

Christmas will be a breeze!
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Simply put, Christmas is magical; it is the most wonderful time of the year after all…

But it can also be expensive; presents, decorations, food… the list goes on and on. Not to mention how stressful Christmas can be, trying to organise everything while staying inside a budget!

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Luckily, Woolworths has just launched a new Christmas range with an emphasis on value and convenience, that’ll help you easily and inexpensively entertain this holiday season.

The new range features more than 90 Christmas products and customers will be able to put all of their favourite Christmas foods on the table for low prices.

For $75, customers will be able to feed 10 people a delicious three course meal consisting of a whole chicken roast, goats cheese and caramelised onion arancini, truffle polenta chips, pork knuckle, 3 sides of mixed veggies and a pavlova base, cream and frozen berries.

woolworths christmas food
For $75, you’ll be able to feed 10 people this delicious three course meal! (Credit: Woolworths)

For $118, customers can serve 8 people a traditional Christmas meal consisting of three courses; a 4 kg half leg ham, boneless chicken rolled roast, a cheese and salami platter, a salad, two sides of roast veggies with garlic and rosemary, a Woolworths fruit pudding, custard and gold white chocolate and macadamia tarts. Yum!

The managing director of Woolworths Food Company, Guy Brent said he was excited for the supermarket brand to help their customers “create and enjoy” a special Christmas this year.

“We spoke to our customers around the country about what they want from Woolworths this Christmas and repeatedly heard they don’t want to compromise on the indulgent food items that make the season special for them, but want to ensure they get great value,” Guy said.

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“From today, customers can choose from more than 90 Christmas products in store and online, the majority of which are Australian made, that will help them create a memorable dining experience. And this is just the start with more new we’ll products to hit the shelves in the weeks closer to Christmas.”

“We’ve worked hard to design a range for customers who want to only spend a certain amount but still entertain 8-10 people, and menus for those who want to indulge more with a wide variety of showstopping dishes and roasts,” Guy continued.

“Our Aussie Christmas range this year is also more convenient, with a number of our Gold dishes that can all bake in the oven at the same temperature to streamline the cooking process, or roasts that come in oven ready trays, meaning an easy clean up for a fully prepped centrepiece.”

woolworths chocolate and raspberry meringues
Woolworths is also supporting local businesses with their Christmas range; these chocolate and raspberry meringues were made by local NSW pastry chefs. (Credit: Woolworths)

“However our customers plan to celebrate this year, they can find great value, fresh food, and convenient options at their local Woolies.”

The new Woolworths Christmas range isn’t just great value, it also supports local businesses.

For instance, the Woolworths Gold Almond Shortbread was created by Handy Foods, a family owned business based in NSW.

Likewise, local NSW pastry chefs crafted the Woolworths Gold Chocolate and Raspberry Meringues.

To shop Woolworths’ Christmas range click here!

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