Where to pick up a cheap Christmas ham for your holiday feast

With Christmas coming up fast, here's where you can get a Christmas ham that's great value for money.
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With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all the delicious meals we’ll be feasting on alongside our loved ones throughout the festive season.

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And what better way to bring the joy (to our bellies) than with a traditional Christmas ham? 

Luckily for us, a bunch of our local supermarket giants are planning a special deal ahead of Christmas Day, so you’ll be able to nab a mouth-watering festive ham at a bargain price!

Check out below to see what deals your local supermarket chains are dishing out this silly season.


For the first time ever, Coles is cutting $5 from the price of every Coles Brand Christmas Ham from the meat department until this Sunday, December 12.

Customers planning to be the Christmas Day host with the most can save on showstopping centrepieces like the multi-gold award-winning Australian Crackling Victorian Ash Smoked Rib Rack Roast Ham.

Offering an elevated spin on Coles’ much-loved Crackling Christmas ham, the Rib Rack Roast comes in a unique frenched Rib Rack style to make for easy carving and is topped with a thick layer of decadent crackling.

Australian Crackling Victorian Ash Smoked Rib Rack Roast Ham (Credit: Coles)

Sweet with a delicate smokiness, crunchy crackling, and ready for the oven, the Australian Crackling Victorian Ash Smoked Rib Rack Roast Ham also placed top of the chops at both the 2021 Tasmanian Fine Food Awards and the 2021 Perth Royal Show.

As well as this, Coles’ Boneless Crackling Ham and Coles Beechwood Double Smoked Half Leg Ham also recently wowed top taste testers and nabbed several awards.

There’s also the Coles Finest Free Range Triple Smoked Half Leg Ham, which is just one of the RSPCA-approved free-range pork products available at Coles this Christmas.

All Coles Brand Christmas Hams are 100% Australian and made from sow stall-free pork produced by Aussie farmers with no added growth promotants.

Coles Finest Free Range Triple Smoked Half Leg Ham (Credit: Coles)


ALDI is also set to bring on the sales this weekend, with a selection of ALDI’s Australian leg hams having their price slashed by up to $10 off for a limited time only.

Priced at just $8.49 and made with 100% Australian pork, the Berg Deli Half Leg Ham on the Bone is cured with salt and a hint of honey, then twice smoked until golden brown, making it the perfect addition to your festive feasts.

There’s also the award-winning Specially Selected Triple Smoked Ham Half Leg, which will be priced at $11.99 per kg, and is cured, cooked and triple smoked with natural wood using traditional European methods.

Berg Deli Smoked Boneless Ham Portion (Credit: Supplied)

For those who prefer ham of the boneless variety, the Berg Deli Smoked Boneless Ham Portion will be priced at $12.99 per kg, and serves as an easy to carve boneless ham that has been triple smoked using natural hardwood to create an enhanced smoked flavour.

Merry Christmas indeed!

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