Big Little Lies makeup artist shares weird beauty hack

Sneaky trick that makes stars look younger!
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Celebrity makeup artist Michelle Radow heads up the beauty department for the TV series Big Little Lies. Yes. We’re talking about the smash-hit series that stars a handful of the world’s most beautiful women including Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern.

Clearly, Michelle knows what’s what when it comes to all things makeup related. We reckon we know a fair bit too, but recently Michelle shared an insider’s makeup trick that we have never EVER heard of before.

And it went like this …

Michelle adds water. To everything. Sounds weird but apparently it works.

“Something that always seems to surprise clients is I mix water into everything—yes, everything,” Michelle told Pure Wow. She even mixes it into concealer and foundation – which is legitimately weird. At least we thought so. However, it provides some serious benefits, but more on that in a moment.

When it comes to foundation and concealer application, Michelle revealed she used ‘very damp’ white non-latex triangle white sponges and beauty blenders.

Reese Witherspoon
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Before applying to her famous clients’ skin, Michelle literally dips the sponges or blenders into a water cup and then squeezes them out.

“They expand into a fluffy soft applicator,” she said. “If I need more moisture I’ll spray right into the foundation, cream, or skincare on my palette and then apply with my damp brush or sponge.”

Michelle sprays a short dome brush with one or two spritzes of water before applying cream or powder blush.

Laura Dern
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“I even apply eye primer and shadow with a damp brush. I infuse water into almost every step,” she added.

When using eye primers she sprays a small fluffy shadow brush with water because it “really helps the product melt into the lid.” For powder shadows she opts for a brush that is coated in a light mist of water. “Just enough to help it blend and buff onto the lid,” Michelle explained.

Big Little Lies cast
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The reason for all this distinctly odd beauty hack? According to Michelle, that little bit of extra moisture “helps everything settle and cook into the skin, leaving a more natural appearance.” And who can say no that!

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