Prepare for rainy days in style with the best umbrellas to shop this season

One good umbrella is worth 1000 corner store ones.

For most of us umbrellas are acquired through panic shopping at corner stores after being caught in a flash thunder storm as we walk home, resigning to paying the overpriced price tag or risk getting soggy. 

However, we think we can all also relate to the struggle of dealing with a poor quality umbrella, fighting the flipping in windy weather, broken spokes and faulty buttons. 

It may seem fancy but investing in a good quality umbrella will make a world of difference when the next rainy day rolls around, and they also don’t have to mean forking out a lot of money (although you can!). 

Below, we’re taking a look at our favourite umbrellas to shop for rainy days and they’re as stylish as they are high quality. 

Our top 3 umbrellas for 2024

  1. Blunt Umbrellas Metro, $129 at THE ICONIC
  2. The Good Brand Recycled fabric umbrella, $29.00 at Myer
  3. Cue Vivid green cane umbrella, $40 at THE ICONIC

The best umbrellas to buy in Australia in 2024

Blunt Umbrellas Metro. (Credit: Blunt Umbrellas)

Blunt Umbrellas Metro

$129 at THE ICONIC

Okay, this is a splurge-worthy umbrella we can get behind. These high-quality umbrellas are collapsible and compact to fit in your handbag and are great for those on the move. 

Key features:

  • Built with unique 360-degree spinning technology
  • Canopy has been designed to handle knocks when navigating narrow spaces
  • Collapsible and compact
  • Auto open

Available at: 

The Good Brand Recycled Fabric Umbrella. (Credit: The Good Brand)

The Good Brand Recycled Fabric Umbrella

$35.15 at

An eco-friendly option made from 100 percent recycled pongee fabric to prevent plastic from going to landfill. 

Key features:

  • Generous coverage
  • Polished handle
  • Wrap around fastener with Velcro
  • Open diameter of 130cm

Available at:

Cue Vivid Green Cane Umbrella. (Credit: Cue)

Cue Vivid Green Cane Umbrella


Cue knows its stuff when it comes to style and this kelly green umbrella is particularly on-trend. 

Key features:

  • Auto open/close design
  • Exclusive vivid green cane print
  • 100% cotton

Available at:

Anatole Paris Micro Umbrella. (Credit: French Bazaar)

Anatole Paris Micro Umbrella

$59.95 at Hardtofind

This ultra-mini umbrella is perfect for those who may carry a particularly mini purse and don’t want to lug around an oversized umbrella. It actually folds up to around the size of your average mobile phone. 

Key features:

  • Only weights 220g
  • Closes at the compact size of just 17.5cm (approx the size of your mobile phone)
  • Lightweight and ultra-compact

Available at:

Mimco Mim-mazing Umbrella. (Credit: Mimco)

Mimco Mim-mazing Umbrella

$59.95 at Myer

This classy umbrella means you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. It’s also made from 100 recycled polyester. 

Key features:

  • Velcro twist-around closure
  • Push button to open the umbrella
  • Carry sleeve included

Available at: 

Beautiful Bunch Pink Umbrella Large. (Credit: Gorman)

Beautiful Bunch Pink Umbrella Large

$29.50 (usually $59.00) at Gorman

Gorman knows its prints and we can’t get enough of their bold and beautiful umbrellas that are so eye-catching you won’t have to worry about that dreaded umbrella mix-up. 

Key features:

  • John Holcomb x Gorman exclusive design
  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Wide circumference

Available at: 

Seed Umbrella. (Credit: Seed Heritage)

Seed Umbrella

$39.95 at The Iconic 

This stylish and simple umbrella from Seed Heritage is perfect for wet-weather days, bringing together functionality with fashion in one compact design. 

Key features:

  • Seed Heritage logo pattern
  • Push button function
  • Conveniently packs away into a small sleeve

Available at: 

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