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Dyson has launches most powerful vacuum yet!

Safe to say we are obsessed!
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Dyson has unveiled its most powerful robot vacuum yet, and it’s every bit as high-tech as you would guess!

Armed with 360 vision to move across the floors of your home, and the power of the Dyson vacuum range that we’ve all grown to love (and rely on), the Dyson 360 Vis Nav has immediately sprung to the top of our wish list and is sure to make vacuuming effortless. 

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According to Dyson, the new release will “deep clean” across “all floor types”, and uses six times the suction any other robot vacuums on the market have. 

Chief Engineer, Jake Dyson said that the company was thrilled to finally be releasing a robot vacuum that was more than a “novelty.”

“A robot vacuum cleaner should not be a novelty,” Jake said. 

“We know there are many frustrations with current robot vacuum cleaners – some have low suction power, or inefficient navigation systems which means that they often get stuck and don’t do a proper job of vacuuming.”

Brb, adding this to our wishlist. (Credit: Dyson)

He went on to add that through the use of highly complex algorithms, visual interpretation, and powerful motor technology the vacuum has the intelligence to recognise where it has been, and where it needs to clean. 

Even more impressive is that the vacuum is intelligent enough to respond to dust sensed in your home, and create dust maps accordingly. 

“Dyson engineers have focused on developing machines that overcome these challenges and which increasingly anticipate our needs, understand its environment and operate autonomously,” Jake says. 

The new release has the ability to recognise where it needs to clean. (Credit: Dyson)

For those wanting to take home the Dyson 360 Vis Nav, it is available to purchase now. 

All purchases come with a charging cable and wall dock, and the guarantee of a squeaky clean home. 

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