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Bamboo bliss: the top 6 bamboo sheets for your cosiest sleep yet

Sleep easy, sustainably and in style.
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A good night’s sleep is essential to our overall wellbeing, and with the added hour of daylight savings as we head into autumn – you can bet we are savouring every minute in bed and snuggling into our favourite sheets

With a million sheet options to choose from, a new kid on the block has certainly grabbed our attention. And if you’re looking to go green and on the hunt for sustainable luxury alternatives, then bamboo sheets are your beds new best friend. 

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Made from bamboo fibres (obviously) extracted from the plant and woven into a lightweight, breathable fabric that will have you staying bed well past the second alarm goes off. 

Bamboo is a renewable material that requires far less water than your average cotton plant, it also is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. The process of taking bamboo from the stalk to the sheets is also generally less harmful to the environment, making it a win win in our books. 

If you are looking for more reasons to convert to bamboo sheets then keep reading because the benefits are endless:

  • They’re super breathable which is perfect for hot sleepers, even during cooler months. 
  • They’re known for their moisture-wicking properties, absorbing sweat to keep you dry and comfy all night long. 
  • Bamboo is a super strong material, so these sheets are particularly durable and will last you for years to come. 
  • If you struggle with allergies, these are a great option as they are anti-bacterial to keep your space clean and clear of nasties. 

Want to try out some bamboo sheets for yourself? Well you are in luck because we have done the research for you and found some of the best brands to buy. Sleep well! 

The best bamboo sheets of 2023 

(Credit: Ecosa)

Bamboo bedding, $240 for queen at Ecosa

This silky smooth set from Ecosa is available ina  range of shades, including this trendy Glacial Green hue to add a subtle pop to your bedroom. 


(Credit: Sienna Living)

Sienna Living Bamboo Egyptian cotton sheet set, $159 (usually $289.99) for queen at Manchester Factory

Made from a mixture of luxurious certified Egyptian cotton and bamboo fibres to create an ultra soft, breathable, durable and stylish sheet set for your home. This sand shade is perfect for the neutral lover. 


(Credit: I Love Linen)

Bamboo sheet set, $205 at I Love Linen

This easy to style terracotta set from I Love Linen is a stunning investment piece for your bedroom if you are a sucker for good textiles. With a carefully crafted twill weave to ensure premium feel and ultimate durability. 


(Credit: Linen House)

Linen House Nara bamboo cotton sheet set, $209.99 for double at Myer

If you’re after the perfect white sheets then look no further than this stunning set from Linen House. Made from a high quality mix of bamboo and cotton that feels like silk, these sheets will make you sleep in for hours. 


(Credit: Ettitude)

Sateen+ sheet set, $204.16 (usually $319) for queen at Ettitude

Made from 90 per cent bamboo lyocell and 10 per cent bamboo charcoal, this silky sheet set has antimicrobial and antibacterial abilities to reduce odour whilst remaining breathable. 


(Credit: Adairs)

Bamboo cotton Nimbus Cloud sheet set, $216.99 (usually $309.99) for queen at Adairs

Consider your bedroom sorted with these lush sheets from Adairs. A blend of bamboo and cotton, these sheets feel modern yet timeless. 


LEAD IMAGE: I Love Linen 

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