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Woman, 22, credits bizarre Aussie product for curing her crippling eczema

Megan’s skin condition was so severe she had to be hospitalised

A young teacher who suffered from eczema so severe she had to be hospitalised has discovered a bizarre cure for the crippling condition.

Megan Underwood, 22, was first diagnosed with the itchy and painful skin disorder at the age of two and in 2013 her eczema became so severe she was hospitalised for four weeks. 

Over two decades Megan has tried dozens of over the counter treatments, prescription creams and diet changes, but her eczema was so severe that it covered her entire face and body.

Woman, 22, credits bizarre Aussie product for curing her crippling eczema
Megan, 22, (pictured with eczema) has credited a bizarre product for helping to cure her (Credit: Caters News Agency)

As well as being sore and irritating, Megan’s eczema also had a huge impact on her self-esteem as she claims strangers would call her a ‘burns victim’ or shy away from touching her skin.

Willing to try anything to shed her constantly red and flaky skin, in 2015 former retail worker Megan was advised by a customer to try out a product called MooGoo.

The all-natural product was developed by an Australian company and was originally used to soothe the udders of milk cows.

The unusual solution has worked wonders and now Megan is eczema free and beaming with newfound confidence that allowed her to launch her career as a teacher.

Woman, 22, credits bizarre Aussie product for curing her crippling eczema
The all-natural product has transformed Megan’s skin (pictured after) (Credit: Caters News Agency)

‘By the time I was 18 my eczema was horrendous. Without causing offence to somebody who has burns, I looked like a burns victim,’ Megan, of Winchester, UK, said.

‘My skin was red raw. It was also swollen because of water retention under my skin. 

‘I could deal with my eczema if it wasn’t on my face. I could see people’s eyes moving around my face when they talked to me. 

‘A lot of people are really rude to me. People don’t want to take money from my hands and people have asked me if I am contagious.

‘I’ve tried everything and have spent thousands on different creams and treatments. 

‘I’ve tried a meat free diet, a dairy free diet, a grain free diet, I have bathed in oats, but nothing has ever worked for me before.’

Woman, 22, credits bizarre Aussie product for curing her crippling eczema
At one point Megan was hospitalised because of the skin condition (pictured before, below, and after, above) (Credit: Caters News Agency)

After hearing about MooGoo, Megan started using the Skin Milk Udder Cream, the Scalp Cream and the Irritable Skin Balm. 

‘I didn’t want to get too carried away because things had worked for me before and my eczema had always come back, but after using MooGoo it was an ‘oh my gosh’ moment,’ Megan says.

‘My eczema started to clear up and then it was gone. I couldn’t believe it. I never thought that I would be in a position where I would be able to stand up to a classroom and teach. 

‘The products have changed my life. They have changed my whole outlook on everything.’

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