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Eat this for the perfect start to the day

A dietitian’s simple – and tasty – tips.

Australia’s thriving breakfast culture is inspiring the meals we make at home; Out with the fast, greasy fry-ups and in with fresh fruit bowls, acai smoothies, chia puddings and smashed avo’ on toast.

With an abundance of nutritious meals to choose from, what should you be eating at home for a healthy start to your day? Teri Lichtenstein, Accredited Practising Dietitian and director of FoodBytes, shares her endorphin-boosting tips to raise your brekkie game.   

Why Is Breakfast So Important? 

We all know the drill, but let’s just take a quick refresh: breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Eating first thing in the morning kickstarts your metabolism, your brain, and those feel-good chemicals that positively benefit your mind, energy levels and body.

“Breakfast refuels you after an overnight fast and provides you with the energy and nutrients to get through the morning. Without some food to fuel your brain and body, you are likely to feel more sluggish by mid-morning and your mind may not function at its best,” Teri says.

If you lack appetite or feel rushed in the morning, Teri recommends “munching on something small and light. You can also try making a breakfast meal the night before, so it is ready in the fridge when you are short on time.

“For people that struggle to eat breakfast, I recommend setting a daily goal to eat something small and over time, you can develop a positive breakfast habit,” she adds.  


The Power Of Nutrients

Elevating your breakfast with a variety of healthy food sets you up for success. “Your brain functions best when fed with high quality carbohydrate as its preferred fuel source. This includes whole grains, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. High-fibre breakfast cereals topped with yoghurt and fresh fruit would tick all these boxes,” Teri advises.   

She also suggests eating a protein-rich food to keep you fuller for longer. “Eggs, baked beans, yoghurt and nuts are all good protein choices that provide you with a good dose of nutrients in addition to protein.”

The ‘Berry’ Best Breakfast

Fresh berries are the secret to starting your day on a health high. “Berries are packed full of essential nutrients and are a good source of fibre to help keep you full and keep your gut healthy.* They’re naturally low in fat and high in water content, which makes them juicy and luscious to eat,” Teri says. 

Add a little excitement, flavour, and nutrition to your daily breakfast with Australian Raspberries & Blackberries – a simple, fast, and tasty way to start your day. Teri adds: “150g serve of raspberries or blackberries provides 100 per cent of the daily recommended intake for Vitamin C. They are also an excellent source of folate. Both these nutrients can help minimise fatigue and boost your mood.*”   

*When eaten as part of a healthy, varied diet.  


Super Simple Ways With Berries

Looking to kick breakfast up a notch with vibrant berries? Teri has a few ideas up her sleeve: 

  • Enjoy natural or Greek yoghurt with fresh berries for a sweet hit of natural sugars.
  • Make an overnight breakfast sago pudding with a berry compote.
  • Experiment by adding sweet berries to your savoury breakfast meals and add fresh berries to avocado smash on toast.
  • Take a punnet of berries in the car on the way to school drop off – kids and adults can enjoy an early morning antioxidant boost to get the brain functioning.

Brought to you by Australian Raspberries & Blackberries.

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