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28 by Sam Wood: Your Very Own Personal Trainer

Fast facts about 28 by Sam Wood.

While Sam Wood is best-known for starring in the third season of The Bachelor Australia, it seems he also has a passion for fitness and personal training!

28 by Sam Wood is his online fitness program that focuses on helping users (aka the 28ers) adopt healthier lifestyles through the website, app, and book. Users subscribed to the program gain access to 28 days of Sam Wood’s workouts, meal plans, and even guided meditations. It’s a complete and customisable lifestyle program that can be used as your very own personal trainer.

If that all sounds a bit too amazing for you, read on and find out exactly how this online fitness program keeps you healthy.

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Why Choose 28?

Sam’s 28 program is the culmination of his almost 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Using that experience, he’s developed a program that’s based around developing good lifestyle habits. 

To help users build those habits, Sam provides flexible meal plans and daily workouts that can be done any time, anywhere.

The Workouts

Two things stand out about these workouts: their efficiency, and their simplicity.

For each workout, you’ll be doing seven different exercises for four minutes each day. This means that you’ll be done with an entire workout in just 28 minutes! While that may seem a bit too short for an effective workout, the results of a whole lot of 28ers speak otherwise.

That being said, if you feel like you need more of a challenge, the program can adjust to your fitness level by varying the amount of time you spend resting during the workout. For example, while the Rookie-level has you resting for 40 seconds each minute, the aptly named Maniac-level has you working out the entire time! 

Don’t worry if those sound too easy or too intense though as there are three other levels in between Rookie and Maniac. With five different difficulty levels to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect workout for your fitness level.

On that note, the program also has variants that can be safely performed by pregnant women and by those that need low-impact workouts, so 28 by Sam Wood really does offer something for everyone.

In addition to being efficient and customisable, the workouts are also incredibly convenient and simple to perform. As long you have a stable internet connection, a device to stream the videos on, and a good amount of space around you, you’ll be able to perform these workouts at whatever place is most convenient for you, be that at home or at the gym.

The Meal Plans

In addition to the daily workout videos, 28 by Sam Wood also provides daily meal plans that consist of food that’s both delicious and nutritious. These even include recipes for healthier versions of popular foods like hamburgers and pizza, so you don’t even have to cut out old favourites from your diet! 

On top of all that, the program also considers those with more specific dietary requirements as it also offers recipes for vegetarians, pescatarians, and those allergic to gluten.

With all that being said though, you will have to prepare the food yourself. Luckily, most recipes are simple enough to follow and take no longer than 28 minutes to prepare. 

At the end of the day, remember that the meal plans are just suggestions. If you aren’t feeling the meals planned for the day, you can easily switch them out with any of the other 1000+ recipes available in the program. 

Also, do note that the program doesn’t stop you from going out and indulging in some good food every once in a while. While the program offers some words of advice on what kind of food to get while you’re out, you’re free to do whatever you want for the most part. After all, the goal of 28 by Sam Wood isn’t to force you to follow a specific set of rules but to help you adopt a healthier version of your current lifestyle.

What Do People Say About 28?

For the most part, users of 28 by Sam Wood are very happy with their experience with the program. A lot of users have left positive reviews on the program’s social media, with some reviews even claiming that the program changed their lives for the better:

“So much more than an app, 28 has changed my life…. I’ve lost 8.5 kgs to get to my goal weight and at 40 I’ve never felt fitter and stronger.”

That being said, other users have had some issues with the program, specifically with the repetitiveness of the workouts and the difficulty of the recipes:

“I do honestly think that if you stick with this plan you will lose weight but for me it is just too freaking complicated! So I will pick the occasional meal to work into everyday life but I will never follow the meal plan.”

But, above all else, the one aspect of the program that has been met with universal praise is the program’s supportive community. In the program’s private Facebook group, 28ers report their progress and leave supportive messages for each other. 28ers also report on their results (or brag about the food that they’ve made) in posts marked with #28samwood on Instagram. On top of that, one 28er even cited the community as an important part of the success she’s had in her journey:

“I’ve made some great friends that live all over Australia through the program — being able to share your highs is great, but I really appreciate it during the times when I am not going so good … having someone say ‘I went through that and this is what I did,’ helps keep me on track for my weight loss.”

No matter what people may feel about the program, it can’t be denied that it helped build an amazing community of people that want nothing but the best for each other.


28 by Sam Wood is a flexible program that you can easily fit into your fitness journey, no matter what your goals may be. If you want to try the program out for yourself, you can subscribe to the program on their website. The program costs $59 each month, but you can also get a 17% discount by paying the $147 fee instead.

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