You Can Get Plus Size Wedding Dresses In Melbourne At These Ateliers

Getting hitched soon? Find the perfect plus size wedding dress in Melbourne!

So you’ve found the perfect spouse-to-be, the perfect venue, the perfect date, the perfect flowers, and the perfect caterer – but have you found the perfect dress? 

For most women, picking out their wedding dress is one of the hardest and most important parts of the wedding planning process. And it’s doubly difficult for plus size women who don’t fit into the fashion world’s conventional beauty standards. Not every designer stocks dresses in larger sizes, and those that do usually don’t come cheap.

But thankfully, that’s changing bit by bit. More and more bridal shops in Australia are offering a wider range of sizes and styles designed for plus size women. Read on for our guide to wedding dresses for all of the gorgeous, curvy ladies out there.

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Why Is Your Wedding Dress So Important?

Cynics and critics often wonder about the importance of wedding dresses in the first place. After all, it’s just one day – why should it matter so much what you wear?

While it’s true that it’s just one day, most people agree that your wedding is one of the most important and special days of your life. It’s a time when all of your friends and family come together to celebrate one of the best gifts life has to offer: love.

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And on this day, you deserve to look and feel your best. You will be the centre of attention at your wedding, so it makes sense that you want to wear something that is equal parts beautiful and comfortable. Plus, you’ll be taking loads of pictures and you want to look back on your wedding album in a few decades with happiness and joy! Your dream dress (or at least a dress you feel confident in) can help you achieve that.

How To Find The Perfect Dress: Tips For Shopping For Plus Size Bridals In Melbourne

Come Up With A Budget, And Stick To It

Contrary to what Hollywood and the fashion industry will have you believe, you don’t need to have a custom Vera Wang gown that costs 6 months worth of salary to feel good on your wedding day. 

Of course, if you have the money for it, go ahead and spend it on your dream dress! But if you’re like most people, you have a budget you’ll want to stick to so that you don’t start your marriage in debt over a wedding dress. 

Talk to your partner and set a realistic budget for your dress. If you can’t find a custom gown within your range, consider other options like getting a ready-to-wear dress or renting it out from a bridal shop. Remember: affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap!

Consider The Time, Date, And Location Of Your Ceremony

You’ll be wearing that dress for hours, all the way from the ceremony to the reception to maybe even the after-party. It needs to be something you can commit to and feel comfortable in. Always keep in mind when and where you’re getting married, so you’ll be appropriately dressed for the weather and location.

If you’re having a summer wedding, a casual silk slip wedding dress or light and breathable fabrics are your best bet. If you’re getting married in the colder months, opt for a wedding dress with sleeves. 

Do It In Advance And Take Your Time

While you might be tempted to get your wedding dress online or put off the stress of wedding dress shopping until the last minute, both of those options come with a high level of risk. To avoid getting disappointed over your online purchase or the risk of not getting your dress at all in time for the wedding, we recommend that you do your wedding dress shopping several weeks if not months in advance.

Take your time to go to multiple dress shops for fittings. And be patient because 99% of brides don’t find their dream dress on the first try, and most won’t until three or five or even a dozen fittings later. If you give yourself enough time to find the perfect dress and get it altered, you’ll drastically reduce your wedding stress and anxiety.

Bring Your Best Buds

Bringing your friends, family, and other loved ones to your fittings isn’t just about “bonding with the girls”, it’s about having someone you trust to give you honest and genuine feedback about your dress. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our emotions about the wedding and the dress that we need an objective third party to tell us if a dress really isn’t working.

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Don’t Dress For Anyone But Yourself

With that said, at the end of the day, it’s about what makes you feel happy and confident and beautiful. So what if you want a black wedding dress, a vintage pantsuit, or some other non-conventional choice? The most important person you need to listen to about your wedding dress is YOU. 

The Top 5 Plus Size Wedding Dresses In Melbourne

5. Head Over Heels Wedding Dress

Store: Miss Bella Bridal

Price: Upon request

Miss Bella Bridal in Boronia stocks over 80 different styles of wedding dresses from size 6 to size 24. The Head Over Heels dress is one of our personal favourites because of its simple and understated elegance. Just look at that beading!

Shop the Head Over Heels Wedding Dress from Miss Bella Bridal here.

4. Extrem Plus

Store: Raffaele Ciuca

Price: Upon request

With dozens of styles from boho to modern that accommodate up to a size 30, Raffaele Ciuca’s plus size Curve collection is a must-try for Melbourne brides. Extrem Plus by designer Pronovias is a classic silhouette with romantic lace, tulle, and floral appliques.

Shop Extrem Plus from Raffaele Ciuca Bridal here.

3. Katherine

Store: Leah S Designs

Price: Upon request

Leah S Designs is the only store that stocks the full range of Plus Size Perfection Bridal’s wedding dresses, which cater to women sizes 16 to 32. Their Katherine dress boasts a universally-flattering A-line skirt and beaded bodice that will make you feel like a Disney princess.

Shop Katherine from Leah S Designs here.

2. Winter

Store: Bryony Jane Bridal Couture

Price: Upon request

Bryony Jane, in the South East of Melbourne, offers both custom and ready-to-wear options for plus size brides. Although it’s called Winter, we found that the sleek lines and simple lace detail on this gown makes it one of the best beach wedding dresses we’ve seen.

Shop Winter from Bryony Jane here.

1. Imogen

Store: Nifi

Price: Upon request

Most of Nifi Bridal’s dresses are available up to size 30, so you can shop freely for the style you want without much worry. The Imogen is incredibly dreamy and delicate, with a conservative neckline and long drapey skirt. It’s definitely unique while still feeling very classic and traditional.

Shop Imogen from Nifi Bridal here.


Shopping for wedding dresses, especially as a plus-size woman, is never going to be a breeze. But hopefully, this guide to the best plus size wedding dresses and bridal shops in Melbourne will make your wedding planning a little bit easier!

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