ALDI’s 2023 snow gear collection hits shelves

Hacks to navigate the much-loved annual Special Buys range.
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ALDI’s trusted middle aisle is home to their bi-weekly Special Buys. Released every Wednesday and Saturday, the supermarket’s limited edition drops have reached a coveted status – especially regarding their more practical releases.

ALDI’s Snow Gear is one of these highly coveted collections. Released annually, the winter staples have garnered a substantial fan base – and they’re due to hit the shelves on Saturday, May 20 this year!

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Those who frequent the launch of ALDI’s Snow Gear Special Buys would be familiar with the competitive nature the cold-weather clothing unleashes. They’re the most eagerly anticipated Special Buys range of the year, which makes them quite hard to come across. Some even go so far as to arrive a few hours before stores open.

But why is the range so popular, you ask? The German supermarket’s original snow range has accrued a fan base due to its high-quality performance and affordable pricing. Rather than shelling out hundreds for a jacket and boots, buyers can get both for under $100. Known to last in cold climates, they also withstand the rough and tumble of snow sports.

The rough and tumble of actually securing the clothes, though? That may be another story… With over 70 items hitting stores (priced from $4.99), it may be helpful to form a ‘game plan’.

Thus, here, we share the best hacks to getting your hands on the Snow Gear launch.

Secure snow goods for the whole family with these handy hacks. (Credit: Supplied)

ALDI’s Snow Gear Special Buys collection is entering stores on Saturday, May 20. To prepare for this launch, fans have already started talking tactics online.

Evidently, the top fan hack was to arrive early.

As shared by one Facebook commenter, “Get there early, they usually hand out a floor plan to those waiting in line so you can go straight to those waiting in line so you can go straight to the area you are most interested in first.”

Having an idea of what you what prior also helps when it comes to securing your items – this applies to sizing and styles. Check out the ALDI catalogue to get familiar with the clothing articles you want. Sizing charts (for shoes and clothing) can also be found online. This will make the shopping experience more seamless.

Adult Soft Shell Jackets ($59.99) and pants ($49.99). (Credit: Supplied)

According to ALDI fans, sizing up for kids is also recommended. This will allow the pieces to last longer.

Belinda Grice, Buying Director for Special Buys spoke of the snow collection, “The team in Australia partner with experts in Austria to create products that are of exceptional quality and loaded with innovative tech.”

“Our high-performance gear is made to suit weather conditions from The Alps to Australia at a fraction of the price of what you’d expect to pay at specialist retailers. With uncompromised quality, durability and comfort, we’re delighted to bring you the freshest value this winter.”

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